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Admissions & Records

Drop Classes

Classes may be dropped without the instructor's approval. Withdrawal from a class or classes must be initiated by the student by the appropriate deadline date. There are three important deadlines:

  • Last day to drop a semester-long classes with eligibility for fee credit or partial refund
  • Last day to drop a class so that it does not appear on your record
  • Last day to officially withdraw from semester long classes with assurance of a "W" grade


  • For online and TV course deadlines, please see Distance Learning Guide in the Schedule of Classes.
  • Note: For short courses, eligibility for credit or refund is within first 10% of class meetings. The deadline to drop a short course without a record of it on your transcript is within the first 20% of the class meetings. The withdrawal deadline is at 75% of class meetings.

To drop a class:

  1. Log into WebSMART
  2. Click on Registration
  3. Click on Registration Add/Drop Classes
  4. Select the term and click on Submit
    Note: At this point you may be asked to confirm your personal information
  5. On Registration Add/Drop page, find the class you want to drop and change the drop down menu from "None" to "Drop".
  6. Click on Submit Changes

Credits & Refunds

View the CSM Credit & Refund Policy.