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Admissions & Records

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Tabitha Conaway
Acting Dean of Enrollment Services and Support Programs
(650) 574-6640

Steven Trinh

(650) 574-6573

Lola Paz
DegreeWorks, Degree Petition Evaluations

(650) 574-6576

Evelyn Bench
Front Line Student Services
(650) 378-7412 x5804

Erica Renee Griego
Certifying Official for Veterans Benefits
AP, IB & CLEP Credits
Academic Renewal Petitions
Enrollment Verifications
(650) 574-6417

Joshna Pratap
Outgoing Transcripts
IGETC / CSU GE Certifications
Common Application Processing
Certificate Petition Evaluations
(650) 358-6858

Max Ullrich
High School Concurrent Enrollment
Front Line Student Services
Certificate Petition Evaluations
(650) 574-6421

Admissions & Records
College Center Building 10, Room 360
(650) 574-6165
Remote Services until further notice
Hours: See the Overview page