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High School Enrollment Programs

Concurrent Enrollment

Concurrent Enrollment is an enrichment program designed to provide current 9th-12th graders the opportunity to get an "early start" on their college experience and earn college credit. Enrollment fees are free for high school students who enroll in 11 units or fewer.

High school students can enroll in day or evening classes and receive college credit for course work successfully completed. Most courses are transferable to four-year colleges and universities, enabling the student to earn honors credit while fulfilling university requirements without the expense of most university programs.

Steps to Concurrent Enrollment

Once your application has been accepted by the college, you will receive an email notification to your personal email account, containing your new student ID number (G Number) and instructions to access your student portal (OneLogin) and college email account. All notifications will be sent to your college email after you register into your classes and the semester begins.

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Step 1A: Create an OpenCCC Account


Step 1B: Apply to CSM through OpenCCC

Meet with your high school counselor for course recommendations and to review our current course offerings. You can also discuss which courses are eligible for credit towards high school graduation and receive your counselor’s approval.

Prior to enrolling, students must meet course prerequisite requirements based on high school transcripts, college transcripts or other measures. Use the CSM High School Concurrent Enrollment English/Math Placement Form and include your unofficial transcript to meet the course prerequisite.

*See the CSM Catalog or visit WebSchedule for specific course prerequisites.

Complete a College Connection Form in your mySMCCD Student Portal. Click on the Student Success Link. Once in the Student Success Link section, click on the “My Forms” tab to access the form.

To fill out the form, you’ll need the following information:

  • The Course Number (CRN) for the classes you plan to take.
  • Your parent/guardian’s email address – we’ll send them a separate email to approve your ability to take college classes while you’re still in high school.
  • Your high school counselor’s email address – we’ll send them a separate email to confirm your school’s approval to take college courses while you’re still in high school.
Once your College Connection Form has been approved, you will receive an email containing information regarding the registration process and the date when you can begin registering for classes. You can also view your registration date in your WebSMART account.
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