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Financial Aid Services

Foster Youth

Bring out your best in school, jobs and life.

College is exciting - a whole new way of thinking and doing things. If your childhood included abuse, neglect or foster care, your past may have complicated this journey.

Identify your strengths & passions & avoid old patterns to speed your progress. Take the next step into a hopeful future!

The Financial Aid Office is here to help you pay for your college education. We are here to help and to connect you with all available resources. We look forward to assisting you through the process and being part of your support system at CSM.

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Claudia Menjivar
Foster Youth Liaison

Resources for Foster Youth

Multicultural Center
The Multicultural Center is designed to meet the needs of multicultural students through academic/personal counseling as well as general financial aid information in a supportive, culturally-enriching environment.

NextUp provides eligible current and former foster youth with resources that make a difference.

Project Change
Project Change provides incarcerated youth the opportunity for career and postsecondary attainment at CSM.

Chafee Grant

If you are/were in foster care or another court ordered out of home placement between your 16th and 18th birthday, you may be eligible for up to $5,000 of additional grant assistance through the Chafee Grant.

What is a Chafee Grant?