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Financial Aid Services

Check Your Aid Status

You can check on your financial aid status via WebSMART. Below are steps on how to navigate the different sections of the Financial Aid Tab on WebSMART.

Check Unsatisfied Requirements

  1. Login to WebSMART
  2. Click on the “Financial Aid” tab
  3. Click on "My Overall Status of Financial Aid"
  4. Update "Aid Year" (Use 2023-24 for fall 2023/spring 2024/summer 2024)
  5. Click on the "student requirements"hyperlink.
  6. Review requirements listed and submit each requirement
  7. Don 't forget to answer these two questions (Yes or No):
    • Authorization to pay non-institutional charges (health fee, student body fee, etc.)
    • Authorization to pay prior year charges (any previous balance up to $200.00)

Update Program of Study

  1. Login to WebSMART
  2. Choose the Student tab
  3. Click on "Update Student Program of Study"
  4. Update "Effective Term" and review information
  5. Update Educational Goal
  6. Complete Choose New Area of Study section and Submit

Submitting Documents Via Dropbox

  1. Login to WebSMART
  2. Click on the "Financial Aid" tab
  3. Click on "Submit Documents Securely with Dropbox"
  4. Select "CSM Dropbox" 
  5. Select documents you want to submit
    • Make sure to put your first & last name in the "first name" field and your G Number in the "last name" field
  6. Click on Upload button