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Promise Scholars Program

College 1

This course assists new, first-time college students in making a successful transition to college life. Students will examine, develop and utilize student success principles and self-management tools. This course also uses a shared reading experience to develop critical reading and thinking strategies. This class has a strong emphasis on group work, peer learning and lifelong learning strategies.

Students register online via WebSMARTRegistration instructions are provided online.

College 1 Showcase

The final projects from each section of College 1 are below, for your viewing pleasure! Projects are based on the Fall 2021 Shared Reading text called "Black Man in a White Coat" by Damon Tweedy, M.D.

Thank you to the faculty & students for their efforts.

College 1 – Professor Anderson

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Adam, Kai, & Teddy  The Disconnect Between Doctors and Patients Slides
Franklin, Murat, & Marcel Spread of Misinformation During the Pandemic Slides
Isabella T., Ramon, & Lexa The Burden of Healthy Disparities Among Black + Latinx Communities Slides
Jeshlyn, Alfredo, & Fernando Segregation in Neighborhoods/Indicators of Socio-economic Status & Standard Health Slides
Janine, Jisel, & Jacqueline The Underrepresentation of Black Doctors & Patients Slides
Allie, Keilani, & Yuli Misinformation within Government Subsidies Slides
Lydia, Jazayla, & Robert The Model Minority Myth: How it Impacts Quality Healthcare Slides
Gabi, Raven, & Aztrid Black Women vs. Health Care Slides

College 1 – Professor Menjivar

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Haley, MJ, & Devin Drug Use Stigmatization Slides
Jazmin, Sadie, & Kaylie Racial Discrimination in Healthcare Slides
Marcos, Markus, & Alyssa Racial Discrimination within the Medical Field Slides
Taylor, Bilal, & Allison How Implicit Bias is a Problem in the Medical Field Slides
Mariana, Nicole, & Lizette Drug Abuse During Pregnancy Slides
Noel, Alejandro, & Maile The HIV/AIDS Crisis in America Slides
Isabella,Gamze, & Sonia Access to Healthcare Slides
Socorro, Yanin, & Luke Racism in Health Care Slides

College 1 – Professor Westfold (MW)

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Melendy, Isabel, Jennifer, & Roni Unequal Treatment of Patients Slides
Ylenia, Alexis, Caitlin, & Natalie Stereotyping in the Workplace and Internalized Racism Slides
Eules, Serena, & Sophie An Apple a Day Kept the Doctors Away Slides
Derek, Yurley, & Chance Education and Race Slides
Justice, Leila, Monica, & Daniel Addiction: Psychological Causes, Physcial Effects Slides
Naate, Paulina, Jaydy, & Caleb Impacts of Drug Abuse and Teen Pregnancy Video
Guilherme, Gabriella, & Rahul Racial Disparities in Health Care Video

College 1 – Professor Westfold (TTh)

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Gaby, Brandon, Matthew, & Nicole The Effects of COVID-19 on College Mental Health Slides
Maria, Juwanna, & Tristan Suicide Rates Among Doctors Slides
William, Vanessa, Ronan, & Sarah Mental Health of Healthcare Workers During Covid-19 Slides
Darren, Kaila, & Citlalli Medication Costs and Medication Availability for Different Patients with Different Backgrounds Slides
Zayra, Isabella, Viana, & Emma Leading a Healthy Lifestyle Slides
Malia, Veronica, Ashlyn, & Sey How Medical Students Stay Motivated Slides
Natalie, Nane, Elijah, & Erika How Can Eating Habits Create a Better Lifestyle for College Students? Slides
Ethan, Vin, & Joe Costs of Healthcare Slides
Kelly, Robyn, Veronica, & Michelle Are African Americans More Vulnerable to Mental Illnesses? Slides

College 1 – Professor Woltag

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Iven, Michael, & Andrea The Effects of Racial Trauma on Mental and Physical Health Slides
Danielle & Sean How Do the Living Conditions of a Low-Income Family Affect their Health?  Slides
Noah, Isaiah,Drake, & Frankie Misdiagnosis of POC Slides
Abraham, Alex, Carlos, & Elizabeth The Impact of Preventative Medicine and Diet on High Blood Pressure Slides
Michelina, Julia, & Alondra Racism & the Food Industry Slides
Hailey, Nicole, & Jacob HIV/AIDS Pandemic & Sex Education Slides
Dylan, Daniel, & Lorraine Access to Medical Care and Insurance for Low-Income People Slides
Zahra & Sagun Compulsory Sterilization Slides
Andrew, Kyle, Patrick, & Jocelyn Medical Care and Insurance for Low-Income People Slides

College 1 – Professor Su

Student Name Presentation Title Format
Canetti, Mary, Cazathia, Laura, & Daniela Strategies for Academic Success in the Transition from High School to College Slides
Cody, Radha, Yuhan, & Dan LGBTQIA+ Discrimination, A Virtual Poster Slides
Mohammed, Rio, Calvin, Justin, Nancy, & Cynthia Mental Health Slides
Rachel, Xavier, Juliet, Jude, Lucia, Emily, & Kurt Role of Race in Health Slides