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Institutional Committees
Budget Planning Committee (BPC)
Note: In Fall 2013, BPC was suspended and its functions adopted by the Institutional Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC). IPBC will convene ad hoc groups as needed to address budget issues.


The mission of the Budget Planning Committee is to ensure that the college maintains fiscal stability and that financial resources are allocated in accordance with agreed upon College priorities established by the Integrated Planning Committee. 

The Budget Planning Committee accomplishes its mission by:
  • Developing long-term and short-term financial plans that are aligned with the College's Strategic Plan and the Education Master Plan. 
  • Recommending annual operating budget to Integrated Planning Committee. 
  • Monitoring the college operating budget on a quarterly basis and recommending corrective actions if necessary.
  • Ensuring that both long-term and short-term budget activities are integrated into College's Institutional Planning Calendar.
  • Making recommendations to Integrated Planning Committee with respect to funding available for staffing levels of faculty, classified staff and administrators in conjunction with Human Resources Committee per fiscal year.
  • Establishing regular communications with the campus community regarding college budget matters.
  • Assessing on an annually basis the effectiveness of the Budget Planning Committee.
Mission and Tasks

Meeting Times


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Henry Villareal (Chair) Administrator (650) 574-6590
Kathy Chaika Classified Staff (650) 574-6209
Arlene Fajardo Classified Staff (650) 574-6576
Laura Demsetz Faculty (650) 574-6207
Nick Vasquez Student N/A
Maggie Ko (Co-chair) Staff to Committee (650) 574-6617
Michael Claire Ex Officio (College President) (650) 574-6207
Susan Estes Ex Officio (Vice President, Instruction) (650) 574-6404
Jennifer Hughes Ex Officio (Vice President, Student Services) (650) 574-6118
James Carranza Ex Officio (President, Academic Senate) (650) 574-6568

Meeting Summaries
Committee Plan
Budget Plan (Revised Spring 2010)
Comments and Suggestions

Budget Plan Status Report, 2013
Budget Plan Status Report, 2011

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