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Meet the Staff

Photo of Patrice Reed-Fort

Patrice Reed-Fort

Title: Counselor/Faculty Coordinator – EOPS/CARE & CalWORKs
Photo of Arianna Avendano

Arianna Avendano

Title: Program Services Coordinator - EOPS/CARE
Photo of Gwen Kenny

Gwen Kenny

Title: Program Services Coordinator - EOPS/CARE
Photo of Melissa (Ehm) Aliu

Melissa (Ehm) Aliu

Title: Counselor – EOPS/CARE and Mana
Photo of Andy Gomez

Andy Gomez

Title: Counselor – EOPS/CARE and Promise
Photo of Tami Hom

Tami Hom

Title: Counselor – EOPS/CARE
Photo of Roxana Rugliancich

Roxana Rugliancich

Title: Counselor – EOPS/CARE

Not Pictured

  • Krystal Duncan, Dean of Counseling, Advising and Matriculation
  • Clotilde Lopez, Student Assistant
  • Maria Segura, Student Assistant

Advisory Committee

Name Organization
Patricia Brown San Mateo Adult School
Stella Chau Human Services Agency
Melina Cortez Human Services Agency
Tim Doyle San Mateo Adult School
Terri Fenech San Mateo High School
Joyce Lynn Capuchino High School
Claudia Menjivar CSM Financial Aid
Susan Merport Hillsdale High School
Mike Mitchell CSM Transfer Services
Christian Navarro Peninsula High School
Laurie Tezak Aragon High School
Fred Thompson San Mateo Adult School
EOPS/CARE Program Staff College of San Mateo