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Frequently Asked Questions

EOPS may serve students until they have reached 70 degree applicable units or six consecutive semesters in the program, whichever comes first.
No, as long as you have not disrupted your participation. Once you 'sit out' a semester, you have to reapply to the program.
Generally, new students must have 12 semester units to qualify for EOPS. There are limited spaces for evening students enrolled in at least 9 units. Also, students who participate in the Disability Resource Center may qualify with less than 12 units, upon their DRC counselor's recommendation.
The Mutual Responsibility Contract refers to the agreement you enter into with the EOPS program at your new student orientation. The agreement tells you what services you will receive and what you will be required to do to remain eligible for the program.
Students who do not meet the requirements of the MRC may be placed on probationary status or dismissed from the program. Students who are placed on probation will see a reduction in their book voucher amount and will not be eligible for monthly bus pass discounts. Dismissed students must sit out two consecutive semesters (not counting summer school) before they can reapply to the program.
Often students have very good reasons for withdrawing from one or all of their classes. If you speak with your EOPS counselor prior to withdrawing, you may still be eligible to receive services the following semester.
Academic Progress Reports assist EOPS staff in designing workshops, activities, and special events for EOPS students. It is a way for you to give feedback to us about how you're doing academically, what services you like, and how best to meet your needs.
While EOPS and Financial Aid work closely together, they are separate programs. Most students' financial aid award will not be impacted by EOPS book assistance or grant.
Aside from providing academic and personal counseling, EOPS hosts visits to local colleges and universities, conducts free college tours, and provides fee waivers so that you don't have to pay to apply. We will also assist you in completing your college application and will review your UC and private university essay.