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International Education Program

Meet the International Student Ambassadors

Our International Student Ambassadors are a diverse group of student leaders who provide support for our international students. Student Ambassadors organize campus events, provide campus tours, and serve as welcoming guides during new international student orientation. The International Ambassador Program teaches new skills, provides professional development and allows international students to create a community in which their unique skills and talents are valued and supported.

Photo of Ahmed Elgammal

Ahmed Elgammal

Ahmed is from Egypt. He moved to the U.S. three years ago to pursue his dream of becoming an engineer. Spring 2021 will be his third semester at CSM. After he graduated from a five-year industrial school, he studied mechatronics in Ain Shams University in Egypt, which added a lot to his experience in the field and gave him the opportunity to discover what he loves. What he likes to do in his free time is see the world from the sky. He likes to fly his drone and capture the breathtaking view from above. He also rides his motorcycle whenever he has a chance.

Ahmed’s Drop-In Hours
Photo of Myet Chael Phone

Myet Chael Phone

Myet Chael Phone is an international student from Myanmar. This is her second year at CSM and she will be transferring in Fall 2021. She majored in Architecture because of her interest in designing and passion to create a sustainable environment with safe space and infrastructure. Other than that, she enjoys drawing, cooking, and watching movies. Travelling is also one of her favorite things to do. Her bucket list to go would be Japan, Paris, and Greece because the environment and culture they have is something she is not familiar with and she is interested in it.  

Myet’s Drop-In Hours

Photo of Taynara Vicente de Macedo

Taynara Vicente de Macedo

Taynara was born and raised in Brazil. She came to the U.S. in 2015 to study English. Currently, she is a student at CSM and expects her Associate Degree in Business Management along with a certificate in Human Resources in fall 2021. She enjoys helping people, learning about other cultures, and exchanging experiences. She likes to go hiking on the weekends and during her free time. Other than that, she loves to spend time with her family, especially her little boy.

Taynara's Drop-In Hours

Photo of Dilek Duygu Yavuz

Dilek Duygu Yavuz

Dilek grew up in Turkey and came to the US four years ago. Before settling down in California, she visited about 15 countries and lived on the European and African continents. She speaks Turkish, French and English. She is in her second year at CSM studying psychology and wants to get a master’s degree in that field to work in educational and research institutions. When not studying and helping International students, she is keen on running 5K, baking healthy treats, and traveling.

Dilek's Drop-In Hours