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Institutional Committees
Institutional Planning Committee Plans:2009-2013
Developed 2009-2010 

As part of CSM’s integrated planning model implemented in 2008/09, five planning committees have reported to the Institutional Planning Committee (IPC) and developed issue-specific plans: Budget Planning Committee (BPC), Distance Education Committee (DEC), Diversity in Action Group (DIAG), Human Resources Committee (HRC), and Technology Committee (TAC). The plans were reviewed by IPC and revised in Spring 2010. They have a four-year planning horizon and conform to a plan template that supports an “integrated” approach to planning.

Reflecting the new committee structure for 2013-2014, as approved by Institutional Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC), the committees which will develop new college-wide plans in 2013-2014 for the next planning cycle are the Distance Education and Technology Educational Committee (DEETC) and Diversity in Action Group (DIAG).

Plan Relationships

Fall 2013
Institutional Plan Relationships, 10/3/2013

Institutional Plan Relationships, 1/4/2013

Plan Template
Key Elements for Issue-Specific Collegewide Plans, 9/1/09

Institutional Plans' Workplans Organized into Single Documents 
  • Institutional Plans' Goals Organized by Committee Word PDF
  • Institutional Plans' Goals Organized by Institutional Priority Word PDF
Plans and Status Reports

Budget Plan
Distance Education Plan

Diversity in Action Plan

Enrollment Management Plan

Human Resources Plan

Technology Plan 

Plan Status Report Worksheets, September 2011