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CSM Forward 2028 - Education Master Plan (EMP)

CSM Forward 2028, College of San Mateo’s five-year Education Master Plan, details college priorities and outcomes, dis­trict and college goals, planning and strategy (to inform programming), resource allocation, facilities visioning, and long-range imagining. The plan is both a look backward at where we have been and a look forward to where we might want to go.

Our 100-year legacy, which we celebrate in this centen­nial year, requires us to reflect on our evolution as an in­stitution of higher education. As the times have changed so has the College. CSM has moved through the decades serving San Mateo County and connecting community members to education, resources, and workforce devel­opment. Our students are mothers, fathers, cousins, sis­ters, brothers, sons, and daughters.

We have been the community’s college through social, civic, economic, cultural, and world events. Imagine some of the events the College has seen: women’s suffrage, the Wall Street Crash of 1929, FDR’s New Deal, United Automobile Workers and workers’ rights, World War II, Pearl Harbor, the birth of Israel, NATO, the discovery of DNA, Brown vs. Board of Education, the Little Rock Nine, the Vietnam War, the moon land­ing, Nixon’s resignation, the rise of the personal computer, AIDS, the birth of the Internet, the Berlin Wall falls, wars in the Mid­dle East, is born, the age of Google begins, the International Space Station opens, 9/11, Face­book, Hurricane Katrina, the iPhone, America’s first Af­rican American president, NASA flies by Pluto, devastating wild­fires, and COVID-19. Prog­ress, integrity, and transforma­tion have defined us and as we come together, we set the course for the next five years and well into the future.

Thanks  to the campus community and our community partners for your service and commitment to CSM stu­dents. And thank you to the many students, faculty, classi­fied employees, and administrators for contributing to the development of CSM Forward 2028.

A meaningful community college education is not just about what one learns academically but about what one gives, shares, and becomes.

In community,

Jennifer Taylor Mendoza

Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza, Ph.D.