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Workforce Hub


The Workforce Hub at College of San Mateo  is dedicated to ensuring that all students have enriching experiences that help them build skills and focus on the careers they will have once they complete a class, certificate or degree at CSM. As such, “the Hub” is committed to offering ongoing, experiential hands-on experiences that allow students to explore career options and create and pursue a plan to achieve their goals.

College of San Mateo is committed to supporting a clear and intentional job search model for our students. CSM’s Workforce team has designed a Workforce Hub that is refocusing students’ education-to-job connection through an inclusive and dynamic process that responds to the shifting local, national and global economic landscape. CSM’s Workforce team collaborates with the college’s Guided Pathways and Counseling teams to support an open access, equity focused approach to support students’ career and job search efforts.

By using contemporary social media and job search sites combined with hands-on career guidance and training, CSM’s Workforce Hub will match students’ educational skills with employers’ articulated workforce needs. The Workforce Hub meet students where they are by offering both a physical venue as well as roving pop-up services.


To empower career seekers to achieve their professional and educational goals.


The mission of the College of San Mateo Workforce hub is to provide students and alumni valuable experiences to develop as professionals and embark on their post-graduation career plans, to attain a livable wage.

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LaShonda Kennedy
Program Services Coordinator
Work Experience Instructor
(650) 378-7290