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Alex Kramer
Director of Workforce Development
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Strong Workforce Program
“More” and “Better” Career Education to Increase Social Mobility
and Fuel Regional Economies with Skilled Workers

College of San Mateo is committed to fulfilling the objectives of the California Community Colleges Strong Workforce Program (SWP) initiative. We work to support faculty-driven efforts to develop and align career education pathways with emerging local and regional industry trends which prepare students to enter high-demand, high-wage careers.

“Some college” is the new gateway into the workforce. The Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce predicts that approximately 70% of all jobs will require some college education by 2027. Further, the Public Policy Institute of California projects an undersupply of nearly one million college graduates in California to meet employer demand for skilled workers by 2030.

Community colleges across the state play a critical role in closing these gaps. As such, the California Community Colleges Workforce and Economic Development Division (WEDD) recommends that colleges utilize SWP funds to advance the following metrics, which are aligned with its Vision for Success Goals:
Outcome Metrics

Increase the quantity of outcomes in Career Education pathways leading to high-demand, high-wage careers
  • # of enrollments in CE pathways
  • # of students earning 9+ units in a CE pathway
  • # of students earning noncredit milestones

Improve the quality of student outcomes in Career Education pathways
  • # of certificates/degrees earned
  • # of students transferring
  • # of students employed in field of study
  • # of student completers increasing their earnings
  • # of student completers earning a livable wage

The State Chancellor’s Office Workforce recommends that community colleges utilize Strong Workforce Program (SWP) funding to achieve the following outcomes:
  • Student success and completion
  • Innovative curricular design
  • Guided career pathway development
  • Support for Career and Technical Education faculty
  • Regional coordination of college efforts
The SWP initiative will provide ongoing categorical funds to:
  • Increase the quantity of CTE:  “More” enrollments in programs leading to high demand, high wage jobs.
  • Improve the quality of CTE: “Better” – more student completions and transfers, more students employed, and more students improving their earnings.
Funding Flow
Funds are ongoing and have been allocated based on labor market need, enrollments and student outcomes.
  • 60% Local Shares are allocated to districts to invest in CTE at colleges.
  • 40% Regional Shares are allocated to CTE investments at colleges through coordinated initiatives.
If you have any questions please contact Alex Kramer, Director of Workforce Development at or (650) 574-6298. 

The deadline to submit an application for 2020-2021 SWP funds will be fall 2020. Please check this site frequently for application deadlines and more details.