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Facing housing insecurity is overwhelming. SparkPoint supports students facing housing crisis, or those who may just need extra help exploring their housing goals. If you are currently unhoused, are worried you will become unhoused soon, or need extra support in creating a plan to find housing, please schedule a basic needs appointment with our team.

Our students strive to do well in school and facing a housing crisis can greatly impede one’s ability to do their best. SparkPoint helps students navigate housing crisis through problem-solving, referrals and emergency resources. If you are as CSM student who is currently unhoused, or are worried you will become unhoused soon, we see you. We encourage you to connect with our team to explore the supports available to you.
Housing influences many parts of our lives, including school. Finding housing in the Bay Area can be a major hurdle and many students do not know where to start. SparkPoint works with CSM students to identify their housing goals and needs, and then work to create a realistic plan to meet those goals. If you need extra support in creating a plan to find housing, connect with our team.
CSM is committed to supporting students who are unhoused including providing access to facilities essential to personal care. For more information about how to access showers, changing rooms, restrooms, lockers, and personal care supplies please email

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