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Planning, Research, Innovation and Effectiveness (PRIE)

Meet the Staff

Monique Nakagawa

Title: Interim Dean of Planning, Research, Innovation, and Effectiveness
Professional skills and interests: Applied social research (surveys, focus groups, key informant interviews, environmental scans); research protocols; program design; data design, analysis, interpretation, and synthesis; educational equity; SPSS, NVivo, Qualtrics.
Oversight of research, planning, and institutional effectiveness activities; strategic planning; accreditation.
Years at CSM: Since 2011
Education: M.A. Geography (Urban), San Francisco State University; B.A., Social Sciences and French, UC Berkeley
Other Interests: Sustainability, native gardening, urbanism, poverty, subcultural geographies, cats

Natalie Alizaga

Title: Research Inquiry and Institutional Effectiveness Manager
Professional Skills and Interests: Program planning, program evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methods (including surveys, advanced statistics, interviews, and focus groups), social and behavioral science.
Responsibilities: Coordinate institutional assessment and effectiveness activities, including the development and maintenance of SLO/SAO plans and Program Review; integrate assessment with planning, research, accreditation, and budgeting at CSM.
Years at CSM: CSM since 2023, District since 2017
Education: PhD, Applied Social Psychology; MPhil, Applied Social Psychology; MPH, Health Behavior and Health Education; BS, Health Sciences (Concentration in Community Health Education)
Other Interests: Running, spinning (Peloton enthusiast!), hiking, barre, planning and journaling, watching documentaries

Alex Claxton

Title: Senior Planning and Research Analyst
Professional Skills and Interests: R, Excel, Tableau, Power BI, SPSS, MPlus, Gehpi, Qualtrics, Quantitative and Qualitative research methods. I am interested in workflow and data management, Strategic Enrollment Management, and Process mapping.
Responsibilities: Research task delegation, Learning Communities, Strong Workforce, AB705, Dual Enrollment, Transfer, Enrollment Sustainability and Growth.
Years at CSM: CSM since 2023, District since 2019
Education: PhD, Psychology (Cognitive Science)
Other Interests: Curling (Silicon Valley Curling Club) and Homebrewing

Heeju Jang

Title: Planning and Research Analyst
Professional Skills and Interests: Tableau, SPSS, Qualtrics, Mixed method research, formative assessment and evaluation, and faculty-led inquiry projects, T-Group (Interpersonal and Group Dynamics) facilitation.
Responsibilities: Guided Pathways, Promise, HSI III/V, survey design and data analysis, data coaching and evaluation of professional development.
Years at CSM: Since 2018
Education: PhD, Education (Quantitative Methods and Evaluation)
Other Interests: Clay art, painting, writing, and indoor gardening

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March 24-30, 2024
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March 29, 2024
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April 18, 2024
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