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Personal Counseling & Wellness Services


Our program provides free, confidential counseling to students enrolled at College of San Mateo. We are a caring group of counselors, dedicated to serving you in handling crises and exploring personal issues and decisions so you can successfully continue in college. The following information may help you understand who we are, what we offer, and how best to use our services.

It is important to note that CSM Personal Counseling & Wellness Services are not 24-hour, nor year-round services. If you feel the need for crisis assistance when we are closed, please call Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Center at (650) 579-0350.

Who We Are

  • Personal Counseling & Wellness Services is staffed by Makiko Ueda, Coordinator, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFT). Also on our staff are counseling interns earning hours for California state licenses as Marriage and Family Therapists. Our counselors, representing a variety of therapeutic orientations, all have prior counseling experience and have received or are completing their master's degrees.

What We Offer

  • We are here to assist you to discover how best to handle pressing personal issues in your life. This discovering process may take the form of individual, couples, or family counseling, depending on the issues you wish to explore.
  • Your counseling appointments will normally consist of one 50-minute session per week on a short-term basis. If you wish to continue counseling beyond eight weeks, we may assist you in locating appropriate off-campus counseling services.
  • Due to the limited scope of our services, we shall not voluntarily become involved in client litigation.


  • Because of the personal nature of your relationship with a psychological counselor, we are committed to providing you an environment of utmost safety. This means that all communication between you and your Personal Counseling & Wellness Services counselor is confidential.
  • The Health Services Center has provided, or can provide, you with information regarding our privacy policy.
  • You may discuss any questions you have with your counselor.

Exceptions to Confidentiality

  • As psychological counselors, we may be required by state law to break confidentiality under special circumstances. These circumstances involve situations in which you pose possible harm to yourself or to others. If it seems likely that you are in danger of seriously harming yourself or others, your counselor is required to take appropriate steps to protect you and other individuals who may be at risk. These steps may involve breaking confidentiality. Also, all instances of current or past, actual or suspected child abuse or elder abuse revealed by you to your counselor will be evaluated. If reportable abuse has occurred or if there is a possibility that someone is currently at risk, the appropriate protective services will be called.
  • Because Personal Counseling & Wellness Services counselors may be earning hours for state licensure, they are required to be supervised by a licensed therapist. This means that from time to time your counselor may discuss your issues with other Personal Counseling & Wellness Services staff. However, all information discussed will be held in strictest confidence. To facilitate this supervision, your counselor may request your permission to tape record your sessions. If you have any concerns or questions about these exceptions to confidentiality, we invite you to discuss them with your counselor.

How To Use Our Services

  • All registered students at CSM are eligible for free psychological counseling.
  • To make an appointment, call or come by the Health Services Center.
  • If you are unable to keep your appointment, please inform the Health Services Center or your counselor as early as possible, even if it is only minutes before the appointment. If you miss an appointment, you will need to confirm your next appointment with the Health Services Center; otherwise, your next scheduled hour may not be reserved for you.
  • Since Personal Counseling & Wellness Services follows the CSM academic calendar, counselors do not meet with clients during scheduled holidays or school breaks.
  • Personal Counseling & Wellness Services is part of a full range of student services offered through CSM. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and answer any questions you may have.