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Hispanic-Serving Institution Initiatives

Antiracism Project Funding Opportunity

CSM is excited to offer funding for eight new Student Praxis Antiracist projects, made possible through the Title V Grant for Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs). This funding is designed to promote racial literacy and empower our students, staff, and faculty to engage actively in antiracism efforts.

At the heart of this initiative is the Student/Faculty Project, which fosters collaboration between learning communities and student organizations to confront and dismantle racism and anti-Blackness within our community. Furthermore, CSM invites students to lead by proposing and potentially launching paid pilot projects to tackle racism head-on.

Students' participation is crucial to the success of CSM's antiracism endeavors. Their unique perspectives, knowledge, and creative solutions are invaluable. CSM encourages all community members to submit proposals that will strengthen student involvement and advance anti-racist activism on our campus.

Contact Us

Heidi Pereira
Assistant Project Director, Developing Hispanic Serving Institutions Grant
(650) 574-6285

Submit Your Project Proposal

Submission deadline:  January 9, 2024

Project Goal

CSM is committed to being an anti-racist campus and developing a sense of responsibility to learn in the community. The College aims to recruit and retain a diverse faculty, staff, and student community. This funding opportunity aims to create safe and racially just spaces to address specific racial justice challenges raised within and outside CSM.

Student's Role

CSM students are invited to submit proposals to pursue anti-racist work in previously underrepresented areas. The College encourages collaborative work across CSM roles (staff and students) from underrepresented populations to serve this significant initiative (for example, part-time faculty or student groups). By the end of spring 2024, CSM hopes to showcase and celebrate all the accepted proposals and their work.

Examples of some of the institutional gaps in HSIs

  1. Lack of welcoming educational environments
    1. Hispanic undergraduate students, who may be the first in their families to navigate college, lack cultural competency.
    2. Seeking additional assistance outside of the classroom can make them feel incompetent.
    3. Lack of empathy and flexibility:
  1. Lack of empathy and flexibility
    1. Research shows that when HSI students seek additional classroom assistance, white professors are less approachable than professors of color.
    2. White professors go through slides quickly, and students do not ask questions during class or on exams.
  1. Most HSI grants are geared toward STEM fields; however, students want expanded access to cultural centers and better campus living spaces.

Examples of project proposals