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Committee on Teaching and Learning (CTL)

About Us

As of Fall 2019, the College Assessment Committee (CAC) has joined the other two independent Academic Senate subcommittees (Committee on Academic Excellence, and the Library Advisory Committee) to form the Committee on Teaching and Learning.

The Committee on Teaching and Learning (CTL) oversees, coordinates, and reports on activities that promote continuous improvement in teaching and learning. The CTL supports the Academic Senate’s goals and the college’s institutional priorities by collaborating on professional development activities, promoting practices for assessing student learning and success, and advancing the mission of the CSM library. The committee shall consist of three subcommittees - assessment, library, and professional development - that will meet at least once a month.

Fall 2022 Tips
Parking, resources, & more!
District & CSM Flex Days
August 15-16, 2022
Fall Classes Begin
August 17, 2022
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