Learning Support Centers at College of San Mateo - Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee (LSC)
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Learning Support Centers
Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee (LSC)

The Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee represents discipline specific centers and the Learning Center. It brings together faculty coordinators, directors, staff, and students in a combined effort to ensure student success.

The mission of the Learning Support Centers Coordination Committee (LSC3) is to facilitate the effective and efficient operations of the learning support centers and labs at CSM through a collaborative effort focused upon student success.

The goals of the LSC3 are to develop a shared purpose:
  1. to promote student scholarship and achievement by providing comprehensive academic support across the disciplines;
  2. to provide equity through equal access and support services for all students; and
  3. to inform the CSM community of the various services available.
  • Coordinate marketing efforts to inform the CSM community about the variety of student instruction and other services available at CSM’s learning support centers.
  • Provide specific recommendations to incorporate some uniformity in operations/procedures across all support centers while encouraging each center to maintain its individuality.
  • Consult with PRIE to identify and collect pertinent data related to student success and completion.
  • Identify areas of needed improvement in the centers and advocate for additional resources through the Program Review process.
  • Encourage the development and modification of curriculum and support services based on student needs.
  • Identify and address gaps in center instruction and services for particular student populations and/or courses.
  • Promote fiscal responsibility by sharing center resources when possible.
Committee Members
Name Representation  Email AddressOffice Phone 
Santiago Perez Etchavarrias Anatomy and Physiology Lab perezetchavarrias@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6217
Russell Cunningham Business Computer Lab cunningham@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6489
David Chin CIS Computer Lab  chind@smccd.edu (650) 574-6327
Melissa Green CIS Computer Lab greenm@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6374
Yaping Li, Co-Chair Communication Studies  Center liy@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6338
Kate Motoyama Communication Studies  Center motoyama@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6676
Ron Andrade, Co-Chair CSM Learning Center andrader@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6571
Jeanette Courtin Digital Media Computer Lab  courtinj@smccd.edu (650) 574-6446
Colby Nixon, Faculty Modern Language Center nixonc@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6336
Kathy Diamond Integrated Science Center diamondk@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6602
David Locke Integrated Science Center locke@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6624
Lena Feinman Math Resource Center feinmanl@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6528
Cheryl Gregory Math Resource Center gregory@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6307
Jane McAteer Nursing Skills Lab mcateer@smccd.edu
(650) 574-6218
Kristi Ridgway Reading and ESL Center ridgwayk@smccd.edu (650) 574-6686
Jamie Marron Reading and ESL Center marron@smccd.edu (650) 574-6339
Juanita Alunan Writing Center and English 800 Center alunan@smccd.edu (650) 574-6591
Kathleen Steele Writing Center and English 800 Center steele@smccd.edu (650) 574-6683
Jennifer Taylor-Mendoza Academic Support & Learning Technologies mendozaj@smccd.edu (650) 574-6572

Agendas & Meeting Summaries

Meeting Summaries