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Technology Advisory Committee (TAC)


The mission of the Technology Advisory Committee is to ensure that the College provides and maintains adequate technological resources for all employees to perform their responsibilities, while supporting student learning in accordance with the College’s Strategic Plan, Strategic Priorities, and annual College Goals.

The goals of the Technology Advisory Committee are to:

  • Develop both short-term and long-term technology plans, and ensure these plans are integrated into institutional planning at all levels, aligning with the long-term goals of the college and the district.
  • Develop an annual assessment of the College’s future technological needs in light of advances in technological capabilities as well as technological needs created by new pedagogical approaches.
  • Propose sufficient technological standards and make recommendations to the College’s Institutional Planning Committee with respect to the College’s technological needs.
  • Participate in the creation of policies concerning appropriate use of technological resources at both the college and district level.
  • Work with the Finance Committee to create and to finance a Total Cost of Ownership model, which includes identifying funding sources for the replacement of outdated technology.
  • Work with the Distance Education Committee to ensure that adequate technological resources exist to support the College’s distance education and other technology-mediated efforts.
  • Make recommendations in consultation with representatives from our ITS, Human Resources, and Professional Development departments for technological training for all of our college employees.
Final Exams
December 10-16, 2023
Winter Recess
December 22 – January 1
Spring Classes Begin
January 16, 2024
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