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Presidential Search

Search Committee

A screening committee has been formed including individuals from throughout the campus community, as well as a community member. These individuals were selected in close coordination with the Academic Senate, Classified Senate, leadership from the unions, and the Associated Students, in close collaboration with the Chancellor. The committee represents a wide range of constituencies and perspectives across CSM.

The search committee is co-chaired by: 

  • Dr. Melissa Moreno, President, Skyline College
  • Fauzi Hamadeh, Student Services and President, Classified Staff Senate
  • Dr. Arielle Smith, Counselor and Academic Senate President

Selection committee members are: 

  • Melissa Aliu, Counselor
  • Linda Allen, Program Services Coordinator
  • Dr. Frederick Gaines, Ethnic Studies Professor 
  • Dyana Huaraz, Student Representative
  • Teeka James, English Professor
  • Robin Lee, Executive Assistant 
  • Dr. Micaela Ochoa, Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Michelle Schneider, Program Services Coordinator
  • Dr. Jeremiah Sims, Director of Equity
  • Andreas Wolf, Dean of Physical Education/Athletics
  • Guillermo “Memo” Morantes, Community Member