Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommended Preparation at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Prerequisites, Corequisites and Recommended Preparation

Computerized Prerequisite Checking

Beginning with registration for Fall 2011, many courses with prerequisites requirements are subject to computerized prerequisite checking.

Registration is blocked for students who do
not meet prerequisite and/or corequisite requirements.

For more information, see FAQs
A prerequisite is a course or other body of knowledge that enhances a student’s chance of success in another course. Without it, a student is highly unlikely to be successful in the course for which the prerequisite is required. 

The San Mateo County Community College District enforces all course prerequisites that have been approved and are listed in the Catalog and Schedule of Classes.

prerequisite is a condition of enrollment that students are required to meet to demonstrate readiness for enrollment in a course or program. As an example, students must successfully complete elementary algebra (Math 110), prior to enrolling in intermediate algebra (Math 120). So, Math 110 is a prerequisite for Math 120. A prerequisite course must be completed successfully to enroll in the course which follows. Successful completion is defined as earning a grade of “C” or better. Placement test results can also be used to meet prerequisite skill levels.

corequisite is a course that a student is required to take simultaneously in order to enroll in another course. Corequisites are designated in course descriptions in the class schedule and college catalog.

Recommended preparation for a course or program is a condition that a student is advised, but not required, to meet before enrollment.
Recommended preparation is designated in course descriptions in the catalog. A number of courses list English 848 and Reading 400 as recommended preparation which alerts students to the writing and reading skills that are important to student success in class.