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President's Advocacy Council


The President’s Advocacy Council provides space for regular engagement, input, ideation and feedback between business, education, government, and non-profit leaders throughout San Mateo County. 

Each year, the Council will provide direction, support and guidance on a body of work that will advance the college's vision and expand our contributions and responsiveness across and throughout the communities we serve.  

The President’s Advocacy Council Fundraising dinner (providing direct support to students and increased innovation across campus) and an annual roundtable event focusing on one or more critical issues facing our region are signature experiences as part of the PAC’s contributions.

Through this partnership we will prioritize service to our diverse constituencies, building communities that thrive and are able to achieve their personal, educational and professional goals while building a vibrant and equity focused economy.

Mission of the President’s Advocacy Council: Serve as a network & foundation to uplift the prosperity/wellness & mobility of the community - ensuring social justice & collective impact.

Priority Areas for the President’s Advocacy Council

  1. Workforce Development and Paid Internships/Job Placement
  2. Civic Engagement - Policy Impact
  3. Housing
  4. Community Engagement / Culture / Arts / Inspiration 
  5. Fundraising

Contact Us

Andrea Vizenor
Executive Director, SIED
(650) 378-7295