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Family Science Day

Video Library

CSM Astronomy - What's in the Sky Tonight?

CSM Astronomy - Vortex Fiber Nulling for Exoplanet Characterization and Observation

CSM Astronomy Club - Infrared Astronomy: Seeing the Unseen

CSM Engineering - Arduino Electronics with Tinkercad

Makerspace - 3D Printing Simple Keychain on Ultimaker 2

Makerspace - 3D Printing Simple Pencil Holder

Makerspace - Epilog Zing 24 Laser Engrave and Cut a Logo

Makerspace - Flipbooks
Flipbook Handout


Makerspace - Glowforge Cut & Engrave a Phone Stand

Makerspace - Inside the CSM Library Makerspace

Makerspace - Mini Monsters

Paleontology's Hidden Figures - Alfred Wegener

Paleontology's Hidden Figures - Mary Anning

Science - Become a Citizen Scientist Using the iNaturalist App

Science - Native Plants

SMCAS - Comet Chef

Flex Day
No classes Oct. 13, 2021
Veterans Day Holiday
No classes Nov. 12, 2021
Thanksgiving Holiday
No classes Nov. 25-28, 2021
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