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Educational Equity Committee (EEC)


Name Representation Email Address
Melissa/Ehm Aliu Tri-Chair Faculty 
Rafael Delgado Staff: Business and Technology
Kamran Eftekhari Faculty: Business and Technology
Frederick Gaines Faculty: Creative Arts
David Galvez Tri-Chair Admin
Sarah Lawrence Faculty: Language arts
Theresa Martin Faculty: Math and Science
Aurora Medrano Faculty: Business and Technology
Brandon Napoli Faculty: Business and Technology
Alice Pevyhouse Faculty: Math and Science
Luis Padilla Staff: VROC
Marisol Quevedo Tri-Chair Classified Professional
Patrice Reed-Fort Faculty: Counseling
Jose Rocha Staff: HSI-STEM
Jackie Santizo Staff: MCCDC
Arielle Smith Faculty: Counseling
Rosemarie Taylor Student Representative
Olivia Viveros Staff: Math and Science
Katerine Webster Faculty: Language Arts