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Educational Equity Committee (EEC)


The Educational Equity Committee (EEC), an Institutional Committee, represents the conjoining of two long-standing committees at CSM. The Diversity in Action Group, DIAG, was a committee made up of a group of committed educators working to ensure that cultural responsiveness and cultural sustenance were key elements of the educational efforts put forth by the College. Traditionally marginalized students, by and large, attend under-resourced schools; and because of limited educational opportunities, these students are often enrolled in basic skills courses as community college students.

The Basic Skills Initiative (BSI), at its core, is an initiative interested in arriving at educational equity for students enrolled in Basic Skills courses. It became clear that there was obvious overlap and even synchronicity between the respective work undertaken by DIAG and BSI. The two committees were joined, thus forming the EEC. This merger was an organic shift because the committed educators that made up these two (formerly) distinct committees were clearly working towards the same goal: educational equity.


The mission of the Educational Equity Committee is to work towards the elimination of systemic inequities, college-wide, through the review (and revision, where necessary) of all processes that influence individual student success. Therefore, this committee will work to develop educational equity-centered analytical and pedagogical tools that equip CSM’s campus community with viable avenues to begin working towards the eradication of the educational opportunity gap.

Student Equity Plan

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David Galvez
Director of Equity
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