Basic Skills Initiative at College of San Mateo - Projects & Plans
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Basic Skills Initiative
Projects & Plans

We invite you to join BSI projects, planned or in the works, and to contact us about ways in which BSI might be of service to you.

In Progress
Former BSI Projects, Now CSM-funded
Completed Projects
  • Connections Sections: English and Counseling Partnership (Basic Skills English and Counseling) 
  • Math Edge: College of San Mateo Learning Skills Workshops, Harry Nishanian and Joseph Tobener
  • Teaching Paradigms, Pedagogies and Basic Skills Students  (Research Project), Lorena Gonzalez
  • On-Course Workshop I Attendance, On-Course summary, Sylvia Aguirre-Alberto, Tami Hom, Lorena Gonzalez 
  • Development of Library ESL Collection in Collaboration with ESL Faculty, Lorrita Ford
  • Math Placement Test Prep Workshop, Brett Pollack (with Cheryl Gregory)
  • Interdisciplinary Faculty Inquiry Groups, James Carranza 
Find out more about how to request funds to complete your own basic skills project by visiting Request for Proposals.