Basic Skills Initiative at College of San Mateo - Request for Proposals
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Basic Skills Initiative
Request for Proposals

Contact Us

Kristi Ridgway
BSI Coordinator
(650) 574-6686
The Basic Skills Initiative Committee (BSI) provides CSM counseling and instructional faculty, administrators, and staff a unique opportunity to galvanize our talents in the service of a common purpose — to enhance the retention and success rates of underprepared students, especially those at the basic skills levels. To this end, the BSI Committee is seeking to fund innovative, collaborative projects that strengthen our instructional and student support services. Proposals should address the needs of underprepared students. Proposals may be submitted at any time.
Please review the 2014-2015 BSI Goals and Action Plan, Educational Master Plan: Informational Update, 2012, Institutional Priorities, 5 in 5 college Strategiesand relevant student outcomes data prior to drafting a proposal. Proposals will be reviewed and funded according to CSM's planned objectives and identified student need. Visit the BSI or PRIE web pages to review reference documents: