Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) at College of San Mateo - Educational Master Plan
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Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE)
Educational Master Plan (EMP)

History of CSM's Educational Master Plan
The process to develop the Educational Master Plan began in Fall 2007 when an Educational Master Plan Committee was convened as a subcommittee of College Council, CSM's shared governance body.

Work commenced on the EMP up through early Fall 2008 when its first iteration was posted online September 3 for comment and review. An all-college forum was held on September 4th for continued discussion. A revised version was completed in early October 2008.

An update of the 2008 EMP was embarked in Spring 2011, with a focus on refreshing the data compiled within. The College of San Mateo Educational Master Plan: Information Update, 2012 was published in September 2012.

Educational Master Plan Documents
Updates of the data contained within the EMP are ongoing. Those seeking the most recently published data about the college are encouraged to visit the Institutional Research website (also see left navigation) where the data are organized according to the broad categories defined by the Educational Master Plan, 2008.

EMP 2012
CSM's Educational Master Plan: Information Update, 2012 is a "refresh" of the data contained in the 2008 EMP along with narrative analysis. It serves as a compendium of a variety of information about CSM and SMCCCD, including its internal and external communities.
EMP 2008