Basic Skills Initiative at College of San Mateo - Math 811
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Basic Skills Initiative
Math 811

In Fall 2013, the Math 811 Project began with the launch of a new format for CSM’s Math 811: Arithmetic Review with Prealgebra. The redesign has increased and customized instruction and counseling for Math 811 students by:
  • increasing student contact hours from 3 hours a week to 5 hours a week.  
  • building a dedicated Math 811 team of fulltime and adjunct faculty to collaborate in developing, delivering, and evaluating alternative strategies to increase 1) student success at this first developmental level and, 2) persistence into the algebra sequence.
  • introducing Supplemental Instruction (SI). The SI student leaders attend and observe classes, take notes, offer the instructor student support during in-class collaborative work, and work with small groups of Math 811 students during SI review sessions scheduled outside of class hours.   
  • integrating Counseling Services into the Math 811 experience. Math 811 students now have a team of dedicated counselors who know and advise them about how to succeed at CSM and provide early intervention when they begin to struggle.
We are proud to report that data collected from the Math 811 Project in its pilot 2013-14 year show an 8% increase in student success.