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Redesign for Equity and Accessibility Lab (REAL)


The Redesign for Equity and Accessibility Lab (REAL) is a faculty fellowship program created at CSM with funds from a one-time Culturally Responsive Pedagogy and Practices (CRPP) Innovation Grant from the California Community Colleges State Chancellor's Office.

Running each of three semesters (Spring '24, Fall '24, Spring '25), REAL provides 21 total faculty members (or more pending further funding) with a semester-long course release to engage in deep learning around course design, make substantive changes to a course in four key areas, and share findings with the campus community.

The purpose of REAL is to better serve our disproportionately impacted, disabled, and underrepresented student populations by cultivating culturally responsive and accessible pedagogy and practices at CSM.

Contact Us

Susan Khan
Professional Development Coordinator

Deadline: March 1, 2024
Submit Application/Interest Form

Who can apply?

All faculty (full-time or part-time/adjunct) who teach a course at CSM are encouraged to apply. Effort will be made to maximize the number of disciplines represented, while also ensuring representation from disciplines that serve as a gateway to transfer.

How and when can I apply? 

Faculty can apply for the upcoming Fall '24 semester or express interest in applying for Spring '25, by submitting an application/interest form by Friday, March 1, at 11:59 pm. Awards will be announced within two weeks of the deadline. If course schedules have already been determined, Deans will work with awardees to identify an alternative instructor for the course you were scheduled to teach.  

What would I be committing to?  

During the semester in which the faculty member receives the course release, they will: 

  • Engage in a semester-long workshop series (two hours every other week, plus a half-hour check-in between workshops) about high-impact, equity-minded, and accessible practices, facilitated by our campus professional development practitioners. Workshops and check-ins will provide space for cross-disciplinary collaboration, feedback from peers and students, hands-on work, and research into discipline-specific practices.
  • Revise a course in five key areas (climate, grading, assignment design, lesson planning, and curriculum), and submit resulting materials (a revised syllabus, a revised grading plan, a revised assignment, a revised lesson plan, and a draft revised Course Outline of Record) to a central hub (the REAL Repository), to be shared with the campus community.  The Office of Planning, Research, Innovation, and Effectiveness (PRIE), will support the faculty in developing a plan for measuring the impact of the course revisions after the semester is over.  
  • Give a 10-minute presentation on your revisions at a professional development event (the REAL Report-Out). 
  • Contribute, during a final workshop session, to the development of a CSM framework for culturally responsive pedagogy and practices in course design across the disciplines (the REAL Roadmap).  

What if I have questions?

Any questions can be directed to Susan Khan, CSM's Professional Development Faculty Coordinator.  

Spring Recess
March 24-30, 2024
Cesar Chavez Day
March 29, 2024
Flex Day (No Classes)
April 18, 2024
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