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Community Outreach

Current Ambassadors

Photo of Barbara Csicsely

Barbara Csicsely

Barbara Csicsely, is an international student with German-Hungarian roots. Barbara is in her first year at College of San Mateo. Her goal is to become a pediatric nurse and she hopes to get accepted to a nursing program once she completes all required pre-requisites. Barbara described her experiences at CSM as follows: “From my first day, everyone at CSM has made me feel welcome, miles away from home. I was offered a lot of resources, both academically as well as personally, which helped me succeed in my first year at college.” Correspondingly, one of the reasons Barbara choose to become a student ambassador is, so she could help student become aware of the resources CSM has to offer and help them achieve their educational goals. In her spare time Barbara loves to hike, explore new places and learn new languages.
Photo of Norma Enciso

Norma Enciso

Norma Enciso earned her G.E.D from San Mateo Adult school in four weeks. Norma’s greatest passion other than education are her six children. She is striving hard to reach all of her goals including, receiving her associate’s degree in Administration of Justice. She hopes to transfer by the spring of 2021 to CSU East Bay. Norma has lived in San Mateo for 11 years and is in her first year at CSM. She looks forward to serving and giving back to her community. She is now part of the EOPS and Promise community. Norma’s hobbies include; spending time with her kids outdoors, going on long walks and gardening. She hopes to inspire and motivate her children and everyone she meets. Norma enjoys her role as an ambassador and knows it will help expand her ties in the community and assist in furthering her career.
Photo of Katie Fish

Katie Fish

Katie Fish is a graduate from San Mateo High School who is currently in her second year at the College of San Mateo. She is majoring in biology and hopes to one day become an orthodontist.  Aside from being a student ambassador, Katie is a member of the Year One Promise program, and a teacher’s aide at San Mateo High School. Next year, she will be transferring to an in-state 4-year university such as UC Davis, UC Santa Barbara, or UC Santa Cruz. Katie firmly believes in the community college process, and hopes to help remove its stigma and empower students in her role as an ambassador. She is grateful that CSM has given her the opportunities and support needed to make educational improvements and to ultimately find her greater life purpose. In her spare time, she loves to travel, workout, play volleyball, and spend time with her friends and family.
Photo of Anthony Frangos

Anthony Frangos

Anthony Frangos is a Carlmont High School graduate, and this is his first year at the College of San Mateo. Anthony is an economics major that hopes to transfer to a four-year university, his top choices being UC Berkeley and UC Irvine. Anthony sees CSM as a clean slate, and it has motivated him to work hard and become a better student. He studied abroad in Florence, Italy, for his Spring semester of 2020; however, due to COVID-19, he could not continue his studies abroad and was forced to return home. He is passionate about cooking, music, volleyball, and soccer. Anthony is very excited to start volunteering more and being an active part of the CSM community.

Photo of Madeline Quinn

Madeline Quinn

Madeleine Quinn is a graduate from Carlmont High School, and is currently attending College of San Mateo as a first-year student. As a passionate psychology, major, Madeleine hopes to transfer to UC Davis in just two years of attending CSM. As a top student at Carlmont, Madeleine had aspirations to attend a four-year college immediately after High School. After reviewing her options, she made the decision to come to CSM because of the amazing financial and academic opportunities it had to offer. As a member of Promise Scholars and an advocate for the resources on campus, Madeleine is confident that coming to CSM was one of the smartest decisions she ever made. Being close to home, she can continue to spend time with her family, friends, and church community while achieving her academic goals. Madeleine hopes to become a positive influence on those around her both in her career and in her daily life.