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IX in Action


IX in Action is a learning community comprised of CSM’s women athletes, primarily from the volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. The community works to empower our students by emphasizing their athletic identities and helping them transfer all the skills they use in their sports, such as discipline, perseverance, and teamwork, to their academic studies.

The reference to Title IX in the community’s name is a reminder that not only did that landmark legislation pave the way for more opportunities for women in collegiate athletics, but it also made it the law of the land that women should be afforded every educational opportunity – admission, scholarships, student leadership positions – that was already available to men in college.

In our community, students are cohorted through specific English, kinesiology, and psychology classes, wherein they come to better understand the significance of the history of women in sports in order to recognize their own roles in the broader fight for gender equality.

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Katie Goldhahn
Head Volleyball Coach
(650) 574-6423
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