Admissions & Records at College of San Mateo - How to Apply & Enroll
Admissions & Records
How to Apply & Enroll

Step 1: Apply for Admission

We are currently accepting applications for Spring & Summer/Fall 2016
  • Apply online
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New and returning students who have not taken a class within the San Mateo County Community College District for one or more years must complete the online admission application.

Students with an F1 Student Visa, please complete the International Student Application

High School Concurrent Enrollment Program: This program is for high school students who are considering taking college courses while still attending high school. Go to the College Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program website and follow the directions.

As part of completing the online admission application students identify an educational goal.

After you submit the online admission application:
  • Print the confirmation page.
  • Check your email (including the spam folder) for important information from CSM Admissions Office regarding your registration.
  • Your email will include your student ID number and the next steps in the registration process.
  • The email usually arrives within 1-2 hours of submitting the application, but may take up to one business day. Please note our Admissions and Records Office Hours of Operation. If you have not received the “Welcome to College of San Mateo” email, it may have gone to your email account’s spam folder. Also, please make sure you fully submitted the application. After you submit the application, you are taken to a confirmation page, which provides a confirmation number. Print the confirmation page for your records. For technical assistance with the online application, please contact OpenCCC at 877-247-4836 or
Your educational goal determines how you proceed after Step 1.
Complete Steps 2-6 if on your admission application you indicated you are taking courses to:
  • Complete an associate degree or certificate program
  • Complete your first two years of university work at CSM and then transfer to a university
  • Are currently undecided and/or considering one of the above goals
  • Applying for financial aid
Go directly to Step 5 if on your admission application you indicated you are taking courses to:
  • Meet personal interests and personal enrichment, or to upgrade job skills
  • Participate in the College Connection High School Concurrent Enrollment Program
  • You are a student at another college or university and taking classes at CSM to meet the requirements of that institution
  • You do not intend to use Counseling Services
You will receive a registration date after your admission application is processed.

Note for all students:
To have access to counseling services you must first complete Step 3, the College Orientation.

Step 2: Assessment/College Placement Tests
College placement tests are designed to assess your current skills in English or ESL, reading, and mathematics. Test results assist you in selecting courses appropriate for your current academic readiness. Test results are also used to meet prerequisites for English and mathematics classes, or any courses that have English and mathematics prerequisites.

It is strongly suggested that you prepare to take the College Placement Tests and review sample test questions! In this regard, use the resources listed on the Assessment Center website. With prior test preparation/review, you are more likely to get placement test results that link to course levels that meet your academic needs. As an example, if it has been several months or years since you were in a math course, it is likely that you need to review the subject to refresh you knowledge of the level of math you studied. This can prevent your placement into a lower math course.

To schedule a placement test in English or ESL and mathematics log into your student WebSMART account. Your user ID is your Student G# and the password is your 6 digit birthdate (example: Nov 5, 1994 – 110594). In WebSMART click on the student tab and then select scheduling appointments. When you schedule a testing appointment online be sure and download a complimentary parking permit.
  • You must complete the admission application and have a student G number to schedule a testing appointment
  • At the Assessment Center, prior to testing, you must present a photo ID and your student G number (no exceptions).
  • There is no fee to test and it takes approximately 2.5 hours.
  • The Assessment Center is located in the College Center Building 10, Room 370.
If you have already successfully completed English and/or math courses at another college or university within the United States and are planning on enrolling in an English or math course or a course that has an English or math prerequisite, then you must seek prerequisite approval of this coursework. For more information go to Prerequisite Equivalency and proceed to Step 3.

If you are transferring from another college and do not plan to enroll in an English or math course or a course with an English or math prerequisite, then proceed to step 3.

Step 3: College Orientation
To have access to Counseling Services, students must first complete College Orientation. Bring your placement test results to the orientation. This 1.5 hour orientation covers the registration process, use of WebSMART and DegreeWorks, placement test results, educational goals, course selection, and how to prepare for your first counseling session.

Schedule a reservation for the orientation on WebSMART or visit the Counseling Support Center in College Center Building 10, Room 340.

Arrive on time as latecomers are asked to reschedule. When you schedule the workshop appointment online, be sure and download a complimentary parking permit for the day.

High school students participating in the College Connection Concurrent Enrollment Program are not required to go to the College Orientation. However, they are welcome to go and gather more information about the college.

Step 4: Counseling Services and Your First Semester Student Educational Plan
After completing the orientation, you will have access to Counseling Services at College of San Mateo. Students who participate in the College Connection High School Concurrent Enrollment Program do not have access to CSM counselors and must use their high school counselors for enrollment and registration approval.

Meet with a counselor to review your educational goals, placement test results, and course selections for the first semester. A counselor will work with you to create an abbreviated SEP (Student Educational Plan) in your Student DegreeWorks.

At the conclusion of your counseling session, an appointment to register will be sent to your student WebSMART account.

Step 5: Register for Classes and Pay Fees
  • Register for classes. Instructions on how to register can be found on the Admissions and Records webpage.
  • Pay for all enrollment fees
  • Print a schedule summary of this transaction
  • You can also order textbooks online in WebSMART under registration
Step 6: Sign in and Use Your Assigned Email Account
Your email account is how the college communicates with all students. All college communications are sent to your email address

Only through your email address do you receive important information from your professors and the college. It is essential that you make it a practice to check your email regularly

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