Program Review at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Program Review


Contact Us

Hilary Goodkind, Dean, PRIE
(650) 574-6565

Jeramy Wallace
Academic Senate President
(650) 574-6355
Program Review is a systematic and evidence-based process of self-study, evaluation, planning, and improvement of instructional, student services, learning support centers, and administrative programs.

Program Review requires an institution to assess its own performance. Through careful review, programs will be able to identify strengths, weaknesses, and areas of growth, to assure the quality and achievement of the:

Fall 2018 Program Review Cycle

All program reviews and resource requests will be due Friday October 26 (the fourth Friday of October). There will be no grace period for late submissions (late resource requests will not be honored).

Program Review Timeline
  • August 1: Online submission form is ready
  • August 15-Sept 1: PR data is available and posted, from PRIE
  • August 14: Flex Workshop: What's New with Program Review: Equity, Assessment and Student Success
  • September 6, 2-4 pm, CAE: PR guidance session: Assessment
  • September 18, 2-4 pm, CAE: PR guidance session: Educational Equity (PowerPoint)
  • September 27, 2-4 pm, CAE: PR guidance session: CTE Reporting (PowerPoint)
  • October 2, 2-4 pm, CAE: PR guidance session: 2-year Plan for Program Review
  • October 16, 2-4 pm, CAE: Resource Requests
  • October 26, 4:30 pm: PR/RR due
  • November 7 and November 21:  Programs reviewed by IPC
  • December 19, 2018:  Program Review & Resource Request Feedback available (IPC)
  • February 6, 2019:  Program Review Trends and Themes discussed at IPC.
  • March 6, 2019: Program review process evaluated at IPC
The following forms are provided as document guides for use in the online application. All program review reports are to be submitted online.
Fillable Program Review Forms

Fall 2018 Resource Requests

Resource Requests, including requests for new faculty positions, can be submitted every Fall semester.

Resource Requests Timeline

  • September 12: Resource Requests form open
  • October 16, 2:00-4:00 pm, CAE: Resource Requests Guidance Session
  • October 26, 4:30 pm: Due Date
You can use the Resource Requests worksheet to prepare your content.

Program Review Roles and Responsibilities:

Program Review RoleResponsibility

Program review process

Driven by Academic Senate, Cabinet, IPC, EEC, and DE

Online program review submission form


Program review data needs and content

Academic Senate/Student Services Council and PRIE collaboration

Program review data generation and distribution


Program review guidance

Academic Sentae, SLO Coordinator, SLOAC, EEC, Student Services Council

Resource request submission deadline


Consolidation of resource requests


Development of themes and trends


Program review feedback


Resource allocations

President, VPI, IAC

Feedback on resource requests

President (December to campus)


Program Review data and submissions are available for: Instructional Programs, the College and Instructional DivisionsStudent ServicesAdministrative ServicesLearning Support Centers.
  • Each instructional, Learning Support Center, and student services program has its own page. As applicable, current program data sets are available along with previous program data, submissions, and distance education comparison data 
  • Instructional program data for the college as a whole and for instructional divisions are posted together
  • For information on Educational Equity, visit the Equity website.
Supporting Data
CSM's Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE) provides quantitative data for instructional programs and Learning Support Centers.  For definitions of key terms used in data sets, see Glossary of Terms.