Community Outreach at College of San Mateo - Student Ambassadors
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Spring Recess
March 22-28, 2015
Memorial Day Weekend
May 23-25, 2015
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Community Outreach
Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are CSM students who represent the College at local high schools, in the community, and on campus. They are a vital component of the College's outreach, recruitment, and retention efforts.

Students reaching out to students
CSM has mobilized a team of thirteen talented students to participate in the College’s Student Ambassador Program. The program, currently in its fourth year, has become a vital component of the College’s outreach efforts.

Student ambassadors serve as liaisons between the College and local high schools, give campus tours and assist with on campus activities such as Operation Welcome Mat and Connect to College; they also represent the College at community events.

This semester’s Student Ambassadors are Jasmine Flores, Rupinder Bajwa, Jason Dutton, Eleni Jacobson, Divi Kumar, Sarah Lowe, Peter Pitetta, Sean Pounder, Janelle Raymundo and Michael Ryan. The program is facilitated by Alex Guiriba, Outreach Coordinator in the Community Relations and Marketing Office.
Become an Ambassador
CSM is always looking for current students to assist with College of San Mateo’s outreach and recruitment efforts on campus, at local feeder high schools, and in the community. To apply for a position, please read the job description and send your resume and cover letter to Information for jobs on and off campus can be found on CSM JobLinks.