Community Outreach at College of San Mateo - Current Ambassadors
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November 12 - January 21
Fall 2014 Final Exams
December 13-19
Fall 2014 official grades
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Wednesday, December 31
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Community Outreach
Current Ambassadors

Jasmine FloresJasmine Flores
Lead Ambassador
Sequoia and Peninsula High Schools
Jasmine Flores is a graduate of Newark Memorial High School and is in her 2nd year at College of San Mateo. The environmental engineering major is also minoring in Computer Science. Her educational goals include pursuing a PhD in Engineering and working as an environmental engineer. Her hope is to transfer to UC Berkeley or Santa Clara University. In her spare time, she enjoys watching sports, running and enjoys video games and watching comedies.
Rupinder BajwaRupinder Bajwa
Burlingame and Westmoor High Schools
Rupinder Bajwa is a Westmoor High School graduate in his first year at College of San Mateo. He is double majoring in economics and computer science. His educational goal is to transfer and obtain his bachelor’s degree in his respective fields and then go on to pursue his MBA. In 2014, he was elected to the SMCCCD board of trustees, as a student trustee for CSM, Cañada and Skyline. Rupinder says; “I love CSM; the people, the environment, the excellent staff. It truly is an amazing place to be!” In his spare time he loves to read and explore the technology world for new and exciting innovations. Rupinder is always around campus so if you see him say hi.
Jason DuttonJason Dutton
Aragon High School
Jason Dutton is a Westmoor High School graduate and is in his 3rd year at College of San Mateo. He is double majoring in philosophy and psychology. Jason enjoys politics, romantic comedies and any chance to expand his horizons. His educational goals include both going to law school and pursuing a doctorate in philosophy with the hopes of teaching at a community college. In addition to being an Ambassador, Jason works as a tutor for College of San Mateo's Learning Center, helping students in mathematics and philosophy. He also serves as a senator in student government.
Eleni JacobsonEleni Jacobson
A graduate of San Mateo High School, Eleni Jacobson is in her second year at CSM. As an Environmental Policy major planning to transfer to UC Davis, she hopes to one day open a community environmental education center in the Bay Area. When asked why she chose to come to CSM, Eleni said, “for its excellent academic reputation and so I could continue to network and make connections in the Bay Area.” In her free time she likes to bike, hike, and recycle.
Divi KumarDivi Kumar
South San Francisco High School
A graduate of South San Francisco High school, Divi Kumar is a first year student at College of San Mateo. The mechanical engineering major hopes to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston to pursue aerospace engineering. In high school, Divi played sports and participated in various extracurricular activities, which led him to a pursue a position as an Ambassador at CSM. Through the Ambassador program he hopes to become involved on campus and give back to the community. “I want to help incoming students learn about the services and programs that are available for them”, Kumar said. When he is not studying or working, Divi enjoys golf and exercise. 
Sarah LoweSarah Lowe
Mills and Burlingame High School
Sarah Lowe is a second year student at College of San Mateo. While attending Mills High School, Sarah was also a Concurrent Enrollment student taking college level coursework before graduating from high school.  Sarah was inspired to become a Student Ambassador to get involved with the campus community and gain leadership experience. She is currently the President of the Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) honor society. After her time at CSM, Sarah hopes to transfer to UC Santa Barbara and travel the world.
Peter PitettaPeter Pitetta
San Mateo and Hillsdale High Schools
A graduate of San Mateo High School in his first year at CSM, Peter Pitetta is majoring in Chemistry and planning on transferring to UC San Diego or UC Santa Barbara. His future plans include enrolling in pharmacy school after completing his bachelor's degree in chemistry. While he was a student at San Mateo High School, Peter took part in the Concurrent Enrollment program and earned several units before starting as a freshman at CSM. Peter pursued a position as a Student Ambassador to become more involved with the campus community and to help incoming students learn about the services and programs that are available for them. In his free time, he likes to hang out with his friends and play basketball.
Sean PounderSean Pounder
Sequoia and Woodside High Schools
A graduate of Sequoia High School, Sean Pounder is in his third year at College of San Mateo majoring in Intercultural Studies. He plans to transfer to San Jose State to pursue a degree in Global Studies and minor in at least three world languages before he graduates. He looks forward to moving into a career in the international field. He also works as a peer mentor for incoming freshmen and as a peer tutor for political science in the CSM Learning Center. Also a staff member at the San Mateo Athletic Club, Sean can typically be seen on campus seven days a week.
Janelle RaymundoJanelle Raymundo
Capuchino and Hillsdale High Schools
A graduate of Westmoor High School in Daly City, Janelle Raymundo is currently in her second year at CSM. Her educational goal is to transfer to a UC or private college and purse a degree in sociology. According to Janelle, “CSM is definitely helping me prepare to transfer a four-year institution.” In her spare time, Janelle enjoys watching movies and spending time with friends and family.