Institutional Committees Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Library Advisory Committee (LAC)
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Fall 2017 Semester begins
Wednesday, August 16, 2017
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Institutional Committees
Library Advisory Committee (LAC)

The Mission of the Library Advisory Committee is to advise the Library Director and the Vice President of Instruction on technology, facility, and resource issues that impact the College Library.

The Library Advisory Committee accomplishes its mission by:
  • Facilitating communication between the Library, the College (students, faculty/counseling/other support services), and the surrounding community by periodically assessing needs of these groups through surveys.
  • Raising library visibility by disseminating information about resources that support academic and lifelong learning, and promote information competency.
  • Ensuring that the Library is empowered to satisfy accreditation standards and expectations as well as best practices for library and learning resources through regular review and consultation.
Mission and Tasks

Members: 2016-2017

Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Sarah Artha Negara Faculty  
Janet Black Faculty (650) 574-6284
Tim Maxwell Faculty (650) 574-6569
Stephanie Roach Faculty (650) 574-6186 
Darryl Stanford Faculty (650) 574-6256
Ruth Turner Classified Staff (650) 574-6138/6154
Lilya Vorobey Faculty (650) 358-6758
Colby Riley Associated Students