Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Overview
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Institutional Committees

CSM's committee structure mirrors CSM’s integrated planning model. In Fall 2013, two committees report directly to the Institutional Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC)
  1. Distance Education and Educational Technology Committee (DEETC)
  2. Diversity in Action Group (DIAG)
Over the past two years, CSM has made several changes to its committee structure. In Fall 2013, the Budget Planning Committee (BPC) was discontinued and its functions adopted by IPBC. The Distance Education Committee (DEC) and the Technology Committee (TAC) have been reconstituted as the Distance Education and Educational Technology Committee (DEETC).  The Human Resources Committee (HRC) has been discontinued. The Enrollment Management Committee (EMC) has been redefined as two Task Forces concerned with student success.

Institutional Planning and Budget Committee (IPBC) is currently CSM's primary planning entity. College Council has been evaluating its role over the past academic year. Its new function, proposed in Fall 2013, will be as an oversight body of participatory governance.

Compendiums of College Committees
The compendium includes the membership and mission descriptions for all college committees: 

CSM Institutional Committee Plans

CSM Planning Graphics

Planning Cycle and Planning Calendars
Note: the Planning Cycle document contains links to detailed calendars for Annual Budget Development; Committee on Instruction (COI); Program Review/PIV, and Office of Planning, Research, and Institutional Effectiveness (PRIE).
For additional college and district planning calendars, see Institutional Documents.

Models and Templates