Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Diversity in Action Group
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December 11-17, 2016
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Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Institutional Committees
Diversity in Action Group

Student Equity Plan
The mission of the Diversity in Action Group is to ensure that unity through diversity is among College of San Mateo's highest priorities. DIAG assures that the college's operational decisions--from the executive to the unit level--support its commitment to diversity and student success.
The Diversity In Action Group accomplishes it mission by:
  • Developing, implementing, and evaluating strategies to increase diversity in the composition of the student body, classified staff, faculty, and administration.
  • Using the Student Equity Report as a framework to assess annually the academic success rates of students.
  • Consulting as needed with the Basic Skills Committee to assess program activities addressing student success.
  • Consulting with PRIE to identify and retrieve pertinent data related to student success.
  • Coordinating and sponsoring programs that inform and educate the CSM community about diversity and related issues.
  • Benchmark and monitor institutional decisions and actions that relate to diversity.
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the Diversity In Action Group by producing an annual report of its activities
NameRepresentationEmail AddressOffice Phone
Sylvia Aguirre-Alberto Faculty (650) 574-6160
Lorena Gonzalez Faculty (650) 574-6226
Fauzi Hamadeh Classified Staff (650) 574-6349
Theresa Martin (Co-Chair) Faculty (650) 574-6252
Lee Miller Faculty (650) 574-6474
Kate Motoyama Faculty (650) 574-6676
Makiko Ueda Faculty (650) 574-6125
Annie Theodos Classified Staff (650) 574-6496
Finausina Tovo Classified Staff (650) 574-6417
Henry Villareal (Chair) Administrator (650) 574-6590
Marco Zavala Student    

Agendas Meeting Summaries
Committee Plan
Other: Assessment of Student Achievement/Student Equity Gap