Institutional Committees at College of San Mateo - Committees at Large: Additional Information
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Institutional Committees
Committees at Large: As Needed

The following are standing committees which meet as needed in response to an issue within its purvey or at irregular intervals. For information about meeting agendas and meeting summaries, please contact the committee chair or responsible administrator.

Academic Standards Committee

Guided by CSM policy, the Dean of Enrollment Services handles routine matters related to Academic Standards. For issues requiring extensive review, an ad hoc committee of instructional and student services faculty, staff, and administrators is convened. No Term Limits.


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Sandra Stefani Comerford Vice President of Instruction (650) 574-6404
David Danielson Faculty, Philosophy (650) 574-6376
Lloyd Davis Faculty, Mathematics (650) 574-6684
Jeff Flowers Faculty, Chemistry (650) 574-6469
Lorrita Ford Director, Library & Learning Services (650) 574-6569
Charlene Frontiera Dean, Mathematics & Science (650) 574-6312
Laura Demsetz Dean, Creative Arts & Social Science (650) 574-6581
Mohsen Janatpour Faculty, Physics (650) 574-6272
Yaping Li Faculty, Communication Studies (650) 574-6338
Joe Mangan Faculty, Cross Country/Track (650) 574-6448
Madeleine Murphy Faculty, English (650) 574-6344
Krystal Romero
Dean, Counseling, Advising, & Matriculation (650) 574-6440
Kathleen Ross Dean, Business & Technology (650) 574-6532
Ruth Turner Faculty, EOPS (650) 574-6138
Henry Villareal Dean, Enrollment Services (650) 574-6590
Andreas Wolf Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance (650) 574-6462

Accessibility/Americans with Disabilities Act

Purpose: Advises the Vice President of Student Services on matters concerning campus accessibility for students and others with disabilities. Meets as needed to discuss and resolve accessibility issues that arise and ensure compliance with federal and state regulations.

Membership: Representation from faculty, students, administration, and classified staff are included. Faculty are appointed by the President in consultation with the Academic Senate. The committee meets as needed. No Term Limits.

Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Jennifer Hughes Vice President of Student Services (650) 574-6118
Kevin Sinarle Faculty, DSPS (650) 378-7227
Laura Skaff Classified Staff, DSPS (650) 574-6433
Shana Young Faculty, DSPS (650) 378-7215

Classified Staff Event Planning Committee

Purpose: Serves in an advisory capacity to the President on issues related to classified staff. Is responsible for planning and coordinating campus social events and other group events such as the annual classified retreat.

Membership: President and members of Classified Staff meet as members’ schedules permit.

Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Nicholas Dellaporta Classified Staff, Library (650) 358-6783
Alicia Frangos Classified Staff, Counseling (650) 574-6243
Alma Gomez Classified Staff, Nursing (650) 574-6218
Kathy McEachron (Chair) Classified Staff, Payroll (650) 574-6216
Ann Mitchell Classified Staff, Facilities Rental (650) 574-6220
Carol Ullrich Classified Staff, Counseling (650) 574-6129
Jane Wong Classified Staff, Business Office (650) 358-6865

Disciplinary Hearing Committee

Purpose: Hears student discipline cases that are remanded to a hearing by the Vice President of Student Services. Makes recommendations to the Vice President regarding disciplinary action to be taken. (Adheres to student conduct procedures, 7.69.1)

Membership: Representation is drawn from the faculty, administration, and students. Meetings are scheduled on an as-needed basis.

Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Samantha Trump Student    
Makiko Ueda Faculty, Psychological Services (650) 574-6125
Henry Villareal Dean, Enrollment Services (Judicial Officer) (650) 574-6590
Andreas Wolf (Chair) Dean, Kinesiology, Athletics, & Dance (650) 574-6462

Innovation Grants

: The CSM Innovation Grant provides seed funding for innovative projects designed to increase student access and success. Individual projects are generally funded for no more than $3500. Proposals may be submitted by full-time faculty or by part-time faculty working with at least one full-time faculty co-applicant. Proposals are reviewed by the Innovation Grant Committee, which forwards funding recommendations to the President and Vice Presidents.

Proposals are due the fourth Friday of October and the fourth Friday of February.


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Laura Demsetz (Chair) Dean, Creative Arts & Social Science (650) 574-6581
Linda Hand Faculty, Math & Science (650) 574-6633
Richard Lohmann Faculty, Creative Arts & Social Science (650) 574-6365

Scholarship Committee

Purpose: The committee reviews all scholarship applications received annually and makes awards based on criteria established for each scholarship. No Term Limits.


Name Representation Email Address Office Phone
Maribeck Boosalis-Oler Faculty, Cosmetology (650) 574-6616
Arnett Caviel (Chair) Faculty, Counseling (650) 574-6435
Karen Chadwick (Coordinator) Classified Staff, Financial Aid (650) 574-6514
Olivia Cortez-Figueroa Classified Staff, Financial Aid (650) 574-6148
Jesenia Diaz Faculty, Counseling (650) 574-6159
Alicia Frangos Classified Staff, Student Services Division (650) 378-7329
Mario Mihelcic Classified Staff, International Student Center (650) 574-6542
Rudy Ramirez Faculty, Ethnic Studies (650) 574-6372
Roberta Reynolds Faculty, English (650) 574-6689
Finausina Tovo Classified Staff, Learning Center (650) 574-6417
Michelle Warner Faculty, Women's Basketball (650) 358-6830