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Transfer Services

Transfer Student Experience

Michelle Pena
Michelle PenaUCLA, PsychobiologyI came to the U.S during my last year of high school at the time of college applications. Unfortunately, my options were limited since I was not as prepared as other students (for example taken AP and IB classes). They had prepared for four-years to attend the college of their dreams and I wanted to have that option as well. Therefore, I decided to enroll at College of San Mateo with high hopes and with a new start for my educational path. Coming to CSM has been the correct choice because it has allowed me to find a major I love (I changed my major three times).
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Casey Cheng
Casey ChengIndiana University-Bloomington, Fashion Merchandising/AdvertisingWhen I was in high school I always speculated what I wanted to do after graduation, I never really put much thought into it. However, the time came where I needed to make a decision. I graduated during the peak months of covid, so the most reasonable choice I made for myself was to attend CSM. I didn’t want to move to an area I was unfamiliar with during a nationwide lockdown; so I planned to attend CSM for two years then transfer.
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Alani Frias
Alani FriasSan Diego State University, Graphic Design Emphasis, Applied Arts and SciencesAttending CSM has given me the opportunity to improve my academic and professional life. My goals to achieve at CSM was to find a major I was passionate about and become a competitive applicant to transfer to a four year institution. By using all of the resources offered I was able to develop my leadership skills, learn the transfer pathways, earn financial aid, and make lifelong connections.
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Anna Diaz
Anna DiazUC Berkeley, Legal Studies and Public PolicyI decided to attend CSM after not establishing a distinct path to pursue after graduating high school. During this time, I felt I needed the opportunity and time to explore my interests and build academic skills. When I started at CSM, my goals were to get involved on campus, explore different fields, and work to find balance between my academic and work life. I was able to meet these goals by getting involved at Transfer Club as a member and the President, working as an Academic Tutor at the Learning Center, and taking classes from different majors I considered.
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Jenna Heath
Jenna HeathUC Davis, CommunicationsI decided to attend CSM because I could not afford to attend a four-year institution at the end of my senior year in high school. While at CSM, I utilized the Counseling Department and my job as a student ambassador, which both helped contribute to my success as a student. They each gave me resources, experiences working with incredible facilities, tips on how to apply for college, and gained so much during my time. What I was most surprised to experience was how much I would love CSM.
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Anthony Frangos
Anthony FrangosUC Berkeley, EconomicsCSM was the best path I could have taken straight out of high school. I was very unfocused in high school, and wasn’t prepared for a university. CSM was a great place and opportunity to develop myself academically and professionally. I met with my counselor and utilized the Math Resource and Writing Centers, which helped me succeed in my coursework.
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Nela Kusalo
Nela KusaloUSC, Business AdministrationLooking back, choosing CSM was the best decision I made. Being denied admission to my top school in high school, I thought my life was over. The extra two years at home while attending CSM, allowed me to mature and discover what I wanted to do with myself. My focus, determination, and CSM resources allowed me to transfer in exactly 2 years to USC.
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Tara Ebrahimpour
Tara EbrahimpourSan Jose State University, PsychologyTara Ebrahimpour spent three years as a CSM student and graduated in May 2019 with an AA-T in psychology. While at CSM, Tara worked at the bookstore/coffee shop and was very involved on campus, including participating in many clubs.
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Ashneel Pratap
Ashneel PratapUC Berkeley, EconomicsWhen I first became a student at CSM I realized that I was lost - lost in terms of I didn’t really know what I wanted to study. I had random preferences/hankering for certain academic disciplines, but I genuinely had no idea.
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Nancy Madriz
Nancy MadrizCSU Long Beach, Business AdministrationAfter dropping out of CSM and serving in the Marine Corps, I returned in pursuit of an education that I formerly believed I was not designed for. I developed a genuine curiosity about education that drove me to attain the kind of academic achievements I once doubted.
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Sally Zhao
Sally ZhaoUC Davis, Computer ScienceI chose to attend CSM, after I didn’t receive admission into my university of choice. Once I got to CSM, I chose Computer Science, a major that I was interested in, thus straying from the medical career my parents encouraged me to follow. I knew I wanted to complete the required classes for my major within only two years, so I struggled as they were more challenging. I constantly sought for help, which was something I was reluctant to do in high school.
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Niloufar Mansooralavi
Niloufar MansooralaviUC Davis, BiologyIn my three years of attending CSM, I have met many talented and kind people. I initially wanted to go straight to a four-year university after high school, but, I wasn’t able to, due to financial need. However, I’m thankful for attending, and being able to depend on, CSM.
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Neel Ajit Joshi
Neel Ajit JoshiUCLA, Business EconomicsWhen I first came to CSM, I was completely new to this country as I had just moved from India. I was scared, nervous and, most importantly, I wanted to fit in with my new surroundings. After my initial summer semester, I began to feel much more at ease, thanks to CSM’s diverse and welcoming culture.
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Clibe Willkom
Clibe WillkomUC Davis, EconomicsI was reluctant to get involved with student life once I began to attend CSM; but, I soon realized that I wanted to network with and meet students whom shared interests with me. I joined the Business Club and the Transfer Club to learn more about majors I was interested in, such as Business and Economics.
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Jennifer Menjivar
Jennifer MenjivarSan Jose State University, Human Resources ManagementMy first semester was a complete blur, as I was getting used to being around students of all ages, finding my way around campus, and jumping through hurdles to get financial support for my studies. A friend suggested that I check out Extended Opportunities Programs and Services (EOPS). I honestly feel that this program is what launched the start of a new passion! I remember meeting with my EOPS counselor and figuring out my educational plan. At the time, I had no goal other than to learn business. She explained to me that I should pursue an associate’s degree for transfer. I clearly remember saying transferring wasn’t for me but she said she would mark me down as a transfer student, in case I changed my mind. With that being said, my next two years were planned and all I had to do was register for classes and check them off my list.
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Dee Dee  Pickard
Dee Dee PickardStanford University, Social Psychology After earning a degree from the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, professional singer Dee Dee Pickard built a successful career in the music industry as a vocalist performing in corporate bands, doing studio work and sessions and teaching voice. When Dee Dee, a single mother, moved from Los Angeles to the Bay Area, she was ready for something different. “After a break of six years, I decided to go back to college. I researched schools in the Bay Area and when I visited CSM, I really liked the campus and more importantly, it felt like the right place for me.” After getting her daughter settled in a local school, Dee Dee enrolled at CSM and immersed herself in the role of college student.
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Joshua Yeager
Joshua YeagerClaremont McKenna College, Economic BusinessJoshua Yeager decided to attend CSM right out of high school because the private schools he was accepted to were extremely expensive. Also, after researching those schools and learning more about himself, Joshua realized none of those institutions were the right fit. He says, “I was not comfortable with the amount of debt I would have when I graduated. As a business major, I knew this was not a good idea.”
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Winnie Wu
Winnie WuUC Berkeley, CommunicationsAttending CSM was one of the best choices I have ever made. As an international student from Taiwan, I was really excited and nervous about studying in the United States. As it turned out I didn’t have anything to be nervous about. At CSM I was able to pursue my dreams in a diverse educational environment. The college provided me a lot more opportunities than I ever expected and it prepared me for a higher level of education.
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Courtney Oliver
Courtney OliverSan Diego State University, Business AdministrationI decided to attend CSM because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to major in, and financially CSM was a better option for me. CSM provided me with the resources that I needed to be successful. The staff made it easy for me to figure out what major I wanted to study and motivated me to do well so I could transfer to a school of my choice.
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Karen Naval
Karen NavalSan Jose State University, Justice StudiesI began my journey at CSM with the goal of obtaining an associate degree in administration of justice; I thought that a two-year degree would be all I would need to begin a career in law enforcement. As a first-generation college student, this experience was not only new but very scary for me. When I first enrolled, I worried that I wasn't capable of transferring to a four-year university. The EOPS program and Transfer Services helped me realize that not only was I meeting requirements for my associate degree, but I was satisfying the transfer requirements to attend a California State University campus as well.
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