College of San Mateo
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Students enrolled in any of the classes in this learning community will consider the work of Dr. Paul Farmer, an unconventional and idealistic man determined to grapple with the seemingly insoluble problems of health in poor countries, as described in Tracy Kidder’s Pulitzer Prizewinning book, Mountains Beyond Mountains. From the perspectives of various disciplines, the classes will explore, during regular class hours, the complex economic, medical, political, sociological, and moral issues that suggest global health deserves our attention. It is not necessary to enroll separately for the Mountains Beyond Mountains Learning Community. Students who enroll in one of the sections below will automatically be enrolled in the Mountains Beyond Mountains Learning Community.
31773 BIOL 250 AX MWF 12:10 1:00 36-215 Martin, T. 4.0
33836 BIOL 250 BX MWF 12:10 1:00 36-215 Martin, T. 4.0
40481 BCST 110 AB MWF 12:10 1:00 18-303 Brown, M. 3.0
41060 ENGL 100 AB MWF 12:10 1:00 16-172 Heyman, J 3.0
32146 ENGL 100 BU MWF 12:10 1:00 16-273 Stafford, A. 3.0
32190 ENGL 165 CA MWF 12:10 1:00 16-171 Mach, J. 3.0
36454 ENGL 165 BK MWF 12:10 1:00 18-205 Miller, A. 3.0
41075 ESL 400 AC MWF 12:10 1:35 18-301 Musgrave, D. 5.0
32662 PLSC 210 AG MWF 12:10 1:00 18-301 Scholnick, E. 3.0

Rising Scholars is a supportive learning community with a multicultural emphasis designed to enhance student success. Community members will develop their writing, critical thinking, and research skills under the guidance of course faculty with the support of counseling and student services staff. Members will receive individualized counseling, guidance in accessing campus services and also will participate in activities that promote academic excellence and personal development. Students are encouraged to enroll in a Math course, as determined by placement test scores or skills demonstration, and one major related course. Prerequisite: completion of ENGL 828 with a grade of C or higher OR appropriate skill level as indicated by the English placement test. Students must enroll in both ENGL 838 AD and LIBR 665 A1 sections as paired.
41455 ENGL 838 AD MWF 9:10 10:35 16-271 Jones, F. 5.0
41565 LIBR 665 A1 Th 11:10 12:00 9-207 Morris, T. 0.5