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Kodaimoji artists and Ten-You Gumi
Institutional Committees
Diversity in Action Group (DIAG)

Student Equity Plan

Mission The mission of the Diversity in Action Work Group is to ensure that unity through diversity is among the College of San Mateo's highest priorities. DIAG supports diversity through programming by granting programming funds for college-wide events that support the college commitment to diversity and inclusiveness. There is an annual allocation to the workgroup by the college president that allows the group to further their mission. The availability of funds is advertised by sending emails to all faculty members through Academic Senate and to all staff members through the Classified Senate.

The Diversity in Action Work Group was formed during Spring semester, 2018. DIAG was formerly the Diversity Planning Committee. The mission of the Diversity Planning Committee is now undertaken by the Educational Equity Committee.

Alma Aguilar
Classified Staff (650) 574-6169
Melissa Ehm Aliu Faculty (650) 574-6246
Arianna Avendano Classified Staff (650) 574-6513
Lu (Lydia) Chen Faculty (650) 574-6188
Jennifer De La Cruz
Faculty (650) 574-6226
Krystal Duncan
Administrator (650) 378-7223 / 574-6440
Andy Gomez Faculty (650) 574-6400
Tamara Hom (Co-Chair) Faculty (650) 574-6154
Gwendolynn Kenny (Co-Chair) Classified Staff (650) 574-6154
Claudia Menjivar Administrator (650) 574-6146
Paola Mora Paredes Classified Staff (650) 574-6150
Rudy Ramirez Faculty (650) 574-6372
Patrice Reed-Fort Faculty (650) 574-6168
Karen Naval Classified Staff (650) 574-6189
Roxana Rugliancich Faculty (650) 574-6223
Jackie Santizo Classified Staff (650) 574-6463
George Stevenson Student Representative  
Finausina Tovo Faculty (650) 574-6535
Makiko Ueda Faculty (650) 574-6125
Brandon Williams Faculty  

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Summaries: 2018-2019

Spring 2018
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