Honors Project at College of San Mateo - The Honors Project Virtual Student Showcase: Spring 2021
Honors Project

The Honors Project

Virtual Student Showcase

CSM Honors Project

Spring 2021


Welcome to the Honors Project
Virtual Student Showcase

Program Coordinator: David Laderman
Seminar Instructors: Sarah Mangin
Christopher Walker
Laura Woltag
Dean of ASLT: Tarana Chapple
Division Assistant: Annie Theodos
Due to the impact of COVID-19 , the Honors Project Student Showcase has gone virtual. Thus, for your intellectual online surfing pleasure (and at your leisure and convenience), we invite you to explore these compelling and provocative Honors Project student final presentations.
Student Name Presentation Title Format
Isabelle Antaran An Analysis on the Influence of Occupational Groups on Workplace Suicide in the United States Slides
Kayla Bierman Shades of Science: The Intersection of Ethnic Studies and Science & Technology Studies Slides
Yifen Chen How to Verify that Black Holes Exist Video
Yun Chen Power on Art: Louis XIV and his glorified art and architecture Slides
Nicole Condez Call Me By Your Name & Normal People: The Exploratory Art of Immersive Storytelling Slides
Olivia Dinpoli Lesbian Feminists and the World of AIDS Activism Slides
Malak Eissa Instagram influencers: the power of influencers and their effects on their audiences  Slides
Ingold Faleofa  Blackbirding: Pacific Profit in the 19th Century Slides
Tania L. Farjat “This land is your land, this land is my land”: The Importance of Ethnic Studies courses in academic institutions Slides
Marina Gasparini Low Light Tolerance in Radish Plants Slides
Kyle Guanzon To Become a QAnon Follower: An Analysis of the Cult’s Indoctrination Slides
Zahra Haider The Epidemic of Mass Incarceration Slides
Nicole Hong A Tough Pill to Swallow: A History of Birth Control in America Slides
Amin Jadallah Discourse and Disinformation: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Anti-Racist Pedagogy Slides
Robin Kirschner Sickle-Cell Anemia Slides
Theo Krakower Filmmaking Under Martial Law: How Filipino Filmmakers Defined the Marcos Era Slides
Mira Limtengco Lunar Cycles and Human Behavior Slides
Cecilia Lin  Asian Americans & Whiteness: the Case for a Unified Resistance against White Supremacy  Slides
Molly Liu Nature is Art: Moby-Dick's impact on Science Fiction Slides
Josephine Lock Art, Imitation, and Originality: How Repetition Throughout Art History Fosters Ingenuity Slides
Drew Marquiss Networks and Hardware to Support Edge-LiDAR for Micro-Mobility Slides
Erica Mendiola An Analysis of the Linkage between Depression and Heart Disease Slides
Michelle Pena College Students Losing Their Minds: How Has COVID-19 Affected the Mental Health of College Students? Slides
Ted Sandico Public Opinion For Hire: The Consequences of Paying to Shape Reality Slides
Leila Tamale Vastness in Our Vā: A Decolonial Exploration of Transnational Oceania and Our Ability to Tauhi Vā Slides
Katlyn Tran “Money Never Sleeps”: The Dissemination of Greed in the Accounting Sector Slides
Katlyn Tran The Art of Math Slides
Micheal Walsh The Perils of Private Prisons in the United States Slides
Zhaoyu (Ashley) Xue  Feud in Transcaucasia: An Overview of the Obstructive Factors in Normalizing Relations between Armenia and Azerbaijan Slides

The Honors Project offers special congratulatory recognition to these
“CSM Honors Scholars” for completing the program this spring.

Nada Ali
Kayla Bierman
Austin Chan
Julia Cot
Anna Diaz
Ryan Harsano
Isabel Lainez
Mira Limtengco
Kelsey Takaha
Katlyn Tran
Laura Saliba
Micheal Walsh
Mark Wong
Matthias Yeung
Matthew Zell