Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Eligibility Requirements
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November 12 - January 21
Flex Day - No Classes
Activities for Faculty & Staff
Wednesday, November 26
Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend
No classes November 26-30
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Honors Project
Eligibility Requirements

For continuing College of San Mateo students, or for students from another accredited college or university, a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA (in 12 or more transferrable units) OR For new students to CSM from high school, a minimum 3.5 (unweighted) cumulative GPA.

Writing/Reading Ability
  • Eligibility for or completion of English 100 (with C or better)
  • Please provide transcript copies (unofficial is fine)
  • Provide reference from a teacher (either from a college teacher or high school teacher)
Personal Statement
In 300-400 typed words, provide the following information:
  •  describe why you are interested in participating in the Honors Project and its community
  •  share an academic experience or an area of academic interest that inspired your interest in the program
  •  discuss what you hope to gain from your participation
  •  assert how you hope to contribute to the Honors community.
The quality of your writing is a factor in the evaluation of your application. Make sure your statement is typed and attached to your application. 

Students must be accepted into the Honors Project before registering for seminars in interdisciplinary Studies.
For more information contact David Laderman at laderman@smccd.edu.