Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Program Requirements
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Honors Project
Program Requirements

Eligibility for acceptance

For continuing College of San Mateo students and for students from another accredited college or university, a minimum 3.20 cumulative GPA (in 12 or more transferrable units).

For new students to CSM from high school, a minimum 3.5 (unweighted) cumulative GPA.

Writing Proficiency
Eligibility for or completion of English 100 (with B or better)

Personal Statement
In 300-400 typed words, provide the following information:
  •  describe why you are interested in participating in the Honors Project
  •  share an academic experience or an area of academic interest that inspired to apply
  •  discuss what you hope to gain from your participation
  •  explain how you hope to contribute to the Honors community.
The quality of your writing is a factor in the evaluation of your application. Make sure your statement is typed and attached to your application. 
  • All students accepted into the Honors Project receive priority registration.
  • Students must be accepted into the Honors Project before registering for seminars in Interdisciplinary Studies.
Completion of the program
In order to complete the Honors Project program, and in compliance with UCLA TAP requirements, students need 15 units of transferable honors credits, with at least a "B" in all transferable honors coursework, and an overall GPA of 3.2. Students also need to complete a minimum of two Honors Project Seminars.

Students can achieve the 15 units of honors credit through any combination of the following options:
  1. Pairing transferable courses with the seminars
  2. completing Independent Honors Contracts projects for transferable courses;
  3. completing one designated honors course at one of our two sister colleges (Skyline or Cañada).
Note: students can begin completing independent honors contracts only after completing one Honors Project seminar.

Students also need to demonstrate academic breadth by completing honors coursework (either a seminar or an independent contract) in at least one of the STEM areas (sciences, technology, engineering, math) and at least one of the following areas: humanities, creative arts, social sciences.

For those who wish to complete the program without UCLA TAP compliance, students need to complete three seminars, two in one area (humanities or sciences). All students who complete the program receive special transcript recognition, "CSM Honors Project Scholar".

Good standing and active status
Honors Project students need to maintain a 3.2 GPA throughout their participation in the program. Students of active status receive all program correspondences. In addition, continuing students with updated student educational plans (SEPs) in DegreeWorks get access to a higher registration priority. With earlier registration, students have a better chance of getting the classes and the schedule they need.

In order to develop an SEP, students must meet with a counseling faculty member. The Honors Project has one counselor, Kathleen Sammut, designated to work with students in the program. Students are strongly advised to meet with Kathleen as they move through the program for guidance, assistance and valuable feedback on academic and career planning. To schedule an appointment, please stop by the Counseling Support Center in Building 10, Room 340 (3rd Floor), or call (650) 574-6400.

To remain on active status, students are expected to be enrolled in a seminar or a designated honors course or engaged in an independent honors contract each semester. One semester without honors work is permitted, but a second consecutive semester of non-participation will result in removal from active status. A student who has been removed from active status must submit an application and be re-accepted to the program.