Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Participating Foundation Course Faculty
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Parking, waitlists and more!
Last day to add courses
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Wednesday, February 4
Parking permit requirement
begins for Spring 2015

Thursday, February 5, 2015
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Honors Project
Participating Foundation Course Faculty

Tania Beliz
Linton Bowie
Catherine Ciesla
Lloyd Davis
Kate Deline
Laura Demsetz
Paul Hankamp
Melvin Hom
Mohsen Janatpour
Rob Komas
Jay Lehmann
David Locke
Theresa Martin
Harry Nishanian
Nayereh Rezaie
Chris Smith
Darryl Stanford
Huy Tran
Creative Arts/Social Science
Leighton Armitage
Jeremy Ball
Janet Black
Michelle Brown
James Clifford
Frank Damon
Dave Danielson
Catherine Firpo
Frederick Gaines
Margaret Kaluzny
Steven Lehigh
Minu Mathur
Lee Miller
Rudy Ramirez
Nico van Dongen
Language Arts
Muriel Brennan
Kim Escamilla
Vince Fitzgerald
Deborah Garfinkle
Teeka James
Daniel Keller
Jon Kitamura
David Laderman
Yaping Li
Tim Maxwell
Autumn Newman
Elena Oxman
Mitch Smith
Kathleen Steele
Jeramy Wallace
Anne Figone
Stacey Grasso
Melissa Green
Bryce Martens
Robert Shoffner