Honors Project at College of San Mateo - The Honors Project Virtual Student Showcase: Fall 2020
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The Honors Project

Virtual Student Showcase

CSM Honors Project

Fall 2020


Welcome to the Honors Project
Virtual Student Showcase

Program Coordinator: David Laderman
Seminar Instructors: Sarah Mangin
Christopher Walker
Dean of ASLT: Tarana Chapple
Division Assistant: Annie Theodos
Due to the impact of COVID-19 on our campus, the Honors Project Student Showcase has gone virtual. Thus, for your intellectual online surfing pleasure (and at your leisure and convenience), we invite you to explore these compelling and provocative Honors Project student final presentations.

Humanities Honors Projects

Student NamePresentation TitleFormat
Isabelle Antaran An Analysis of Low Voter Turnout in the United States  Slides
Kayla Bierman A Land of Opportunity: The Myth of the American Dream Slides
Ikjot Dhillon America In Retrograde: The Fallacy of the American Dream in African American Literature Slides
Malak Eissa Students Expect The Unexpected: The Impacts of COVID-19 on College Students  Slides
Ingold Faleofa Ancient Oceania: Mythology of Old in Contemporary Works  Slides
Nicole Hong LUPUS: Living in Uncertainty, Every Day Slides
Amin Jadallah Privatization and Public Education Slides
Michael Kao  New Yellow Peril: The Irony Behind the Model Minority  Slides
Kailey Latin Digital Natives or Digitally Naive? How Gen Z Must Approach Media Literacy Slides
Josephine Lock The Expression of the Internet: Emoji Function and Controversy in the Digital Space Slides
Felmon Madronio The Birth of the Black Lives Matter Movement Slides
Erica Mendiola The NCAA’s Exploitation of Young Talent: Every Student-Athlete’s Dream Slides
Milena Ortega Injustices Through the Lens of Latina Filmmakers Slides
Andrianna Pellini Colorism & the Perils of Beauty Slides
Laura Saliba Tarantino Loves Happy Endings: A Revisionist of History in Hollywood Slides
Yasmine Scott Homelessness as a Byproduct of the American System Slides
Eunish Shrestha Hikikomori: “Parasites” Created by Lack of Empathy Slides
Kwok Tim (Thomas) So What is Hong Kong’s national security law and how will it affect Hong Kong in the future? Slides
Katlyn Tran “Bodies in Beds”: Publicizing the Financial Incentives of Private Prisons Slides
Micheal Walsh The Black-White Wealth Gap: A Root of Inequality in the United States Slides
Brook Wang Gender issues and feminist movement in Asia Slides
Zhaoyu Xue (Ashley) Chinese Americans in the U.S.: Victims in History, Outsiders in Society Slides
Matt Zell  Individualism: the Quintessential American Theme Slides
Alice Zhang Was the 2008 Financial Crisis Inevitable? An analysis of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Financial Market. Slides

STEM Honors Projects

Student NamePresentation TitleFormat
Zaina Abdelrahman Fluorides Found in Toothpaste Video
Joseph David Effects of Government Intervention on Economic Surplus Video
Anna Diaz Exploring Behavioral Genetics and Subjective Well-Being Slides
Erik Ferroggiaro Different effects of Histamine-1 and Histamine-2 Slides
Kyle Guanzon Data and The Elections: Through the Lens of Cambridge Analytica Video
Zahra Haider COVID-19 and Calculus Slides
Isabel Lainez The Grand Canyon and the Threat of Uranium Mining Slides
Mira Limtengco COVID-19 and the Widening of Economic Inequities Slides
Drew Marquiss Live Partitioning of Micro-Mobility Users with Cheap Sensors while Maintaining Privacy Video
Hajer Mkawer Ajwa Dates to Inhibit Human Breast Cancers Video
Aktota Nugmanova The Correlation Between Consumption of Fermented Vegetables and COVID-19 Mortality Rates Video
Guadalupe (Michelle) Pena Garcia The Periodic Table: Is the Current Model the Best? Video
Makayla Shaw Nicotine Effects on the Body Slides
Chun Wai (Mark) Wong The Possibility of K, Y, W, L Economic Model During the Post-Pandemic Period Slides

Congratulations to Shiloh Andersson, Hanna Francis and Kelsey Takaha,
for having their work published in the academic journal of the Bay Honors Consortium!