Honors Project at College of San Mateo - Mission Statement
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Spring 2018 Tips
Parking, waitlists & more!
Spring 2018 Semester begins
Tuesday, January 16, 2018
Parking permit requirement

Wednesday January 31, 2018
Sexual Misconduct & Title IX
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Honors Project
Mission Statement

The mission of the Honors Project is to open academic pathways to our diverse student body. 

We believe in academic excellence, and we believe all our students are capable of academic excellence. We welcome students of all backgrounds who possess the drive and desire to dig deeper into their coursework. We provide them with the means to grow intellectually, and to make intellectual connections across a range of disciplines. With broad institutional support and participation from faculty, administrators and staff, we seek to create a lively community of scholars, reflecting a diverse range of academic preparations and perspectives.

Our program is dedicated to:
  • supporting the individual academic aspirations of our students;
  • cultivating the ability of students to collaborate with one another;
  • developing our students into intellectually adventurous and confident thinkers.
Students who participate in the program--and especially those who complete the program--will gain:
  • enhanced transfer prospects;
  • research, communication and critical inquiry skills vital to upper division and graduate school success; 
  • a bolstered passion for ideas that will lift them, wherever they may go in their lives.